Home Organizing Checklist January 2014

monthly-home-organizingHere is your January 2014 Home Organizing Checklist…
____ Jan 1 The holidays have wound down. Make this day a
calm day of rest and enjoyment.

____ Jan 2 Make homemade soup for dinner tonight. Place cut
up vegetables and cut up cooked meat or poultry in broth to
cook together for 10 minutes, then add pasta and cook
another 10 minutes. Add spices for taste.

____ Jan 3 Update your new 2014 calendar with monthly
birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates. Share
this information with other household members. Stock up on
greeting cards for the year.

____ Jan 4 Update your Christmas card list today by adding names, removing names and/or changing addresses.

____ Jan 5 Go for a winter walk. If the weather is bad, find an indoor walking area such as the local mall.

____ Jan 6 Clean out your refrigerator of any spoiled or unwanted holiday food. Before grocery shopping, plan to wash out fridge drawers and shelves with hot soapy water.

____ Jan 7 Pack and store your decorations in well labeled boxes. Seasonal red and green storage boxes are on sale at this time. As you pack, try to reduce pieces by finding items that need to be given away or discarded to reduce the
amount of storage room necessary.

____ Jan 8 Set up your 2014 filing system for paperwork. One method is to use accordion files for each month of the year. Another method divides paperwork by topic.

____ Jan 9 Do you have a winter survival kit in your car? It should include: flash light, first aid kit, extra
batteries, ice scraper, nonperishable foods, and blankets.

____ Jan 10 Enjoy a winter dinner tonight by candlelight.

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____ Jan 11 Straighten up a room with your family members. Then, set up a card table to start a family puzzle

____ Jan 12 Feed winter birds by spreading bird seed outdoors or make a feeder by spreading peanut butter on a
pine cone then rolling in bird seed. Hang your feeder in a tree.

____ Jan 13 Write out a cleaning schedule for your household today. If you already have one, evaluate your
current schedule and make changes or updates for the New Year.

____ Jan 14 Taco Tuesday! Have tacos for dinner tonight. Set out bowls of different toppings and have everyone build their own tacos.

____ Jan 15 Take everything out of your kitchen junk drawer. Wash the drawer and then replace items that you
need, i.e. working pens and pencils, tablets, tooth picks, scissors, transparent tape, etc.

____ Jan 16 Thoroughly vacuum your living room sofa today. Take off cushions, if possible, and vacuum inside. Move your sofa to vacuum the flooring underneath.

____ Jan 17 Dust the inside of your china cabinet or any similar knick knack shelving. Take pieces off the shelves and thoroughly clean the shelf. Then replace only the items you love or need.

____ Jan 18 Make a batch of cookies today. Share with friends and neighbors.

____ Jan 19 Call a long distant family member or friend that you have not chatted with for a long time.

____ Jan 20 Today is Martin Luther King Day. Plan to attend an organized event recognizing this great American, or learn more about him on the Internet.

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____ Jan 21 Wash all of your throw blankets. If possible, repair blankets that need mending. Maybe they need to be replaced?

____ Jan 22 Clean bedroom window seals today by polishing or washing. Wipe out dirt in the window tracks too. Use a vacuum, if necessary, to get corner dirt in the window area.

____ Jan 23 Organize bathroom medicine cabinet or drawer. Check for expiration dates on all prescription and over- the-counter medications. Discard medications by calling your local health department for proper disposal.

____ Jan 24 Make plans to attend a winter ice skating show or organize an ice skating party.

____ Jan 25 Invite family or friends over to share an appetizer or fondue dipping food. Have everyone bring
something to pass.

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____ Jan 26 Organize your table cloths and/or linens today. Separate sizes and label or designate areas for different types and sizes of table coverings.

____ Jan 27 Organize your family’s winter accessories such as mittens, gloves, scarves and hats. After gathering them all together, discard any gloves and mittens that do not match. Give away any items that are not being used.

____ Jan 28 Clean the front side of your kitchen cabinet doors. The material your cabinets are made of will
determine the type of cleaning product you use.

____ Jan 29 Dust the tops of kitchen cabinets. Take down all items you have on display above your cabinets first,
and then when clean, consider reducing items or rearranging.

____ Jan 30 Prepare a recycle center for your household. Make it easily accessible by placing containers near the
door to the garage.

____ Jan 31 Today is Chinese New Year! Reevaluate the goals you set on January 1st, and revise if necessary. Then, celebrate by going to a Chinese restaurant for dinner.

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