Monthly Home Bucket List Printable {FREE}


This week I mentioned how we keep a wall chart of things we want to take care of each month in our home. This keeps us on track as far as household projects are concerned. This is a smaller version of that wall chart. To use it first print it out and laminate. Then put it on a bulletin board or something in your home office area. Each column is a month. Write (with a wipe off pen) the name of the month at the top and then list the items you *would like* to take care of for that month below. Check them off as you get them done. Whatever doesn't get done? Move it to the next month. Some … [Read more...]

Cleaning the Hall Closet (a 34 Weeks of Clean Update)


We're making great headway in cleaning through the house following 34 Weeks of Clean. As is expected with such an undertaking there have been some missed weeks and some not so thoroughly done jobs. I am officially 2 weeks behind. Last week was for cleaning out the hall closet while this past week was for the laundry room. I hadn't done a complete job with the hall closet so I used this past week to get that finished up. I was so inspired with Michele's idea to wash up things that I just wanted to get to that. So this closet is only like 8 months old. Not a lot of time to get out of … [Read more...]

September 2014 Home Organizing Checklist

  ____ Sep 1 Today is Labor Day. Traditionally many head out of town for one last camping trip or other favorite summer activity. If you leave your home for an extended period of time, here are some home security tips. 1) Mow your lawn before your leave. 2) Leave contact information. 3) Use timers for your lights. ____ Sep 2 Spend time today working on your household routines or cleaning schedule. Ask yourself; How can I change the routines to be more efficient? Do I need to alter the plan to better fit a change in schedules? Have our families’ priorities changed? ____ Sep 3 … [Read more...]