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Tips for homeschooling your child.

Discovering if Homeschooling is Right For Your Family

Education is certainly a number one priority in this country, even so we have seen a big deterioration of schools in the past ten years, moreso than at any other time in history.  There are many (many) reasons for this but also playing their parts is the consistent and often times unnecessary reorganization of schools; changes in curriculum; and, most importantly, oversized classrooms which stifle the educational process. Not to mention that discipline has also become a huge problem in most public schools today.

Tips for Choosing the best Homeschool Curriculum for your Children

Thinking long and hard about homeschooling? It can seem an overwhelming task but it’s not…if you’re organized! Just kidding, sort of. Follow these tips to choosing the right homeschool curriculum for your child. WHich Homeschool Curriculum is best? How do I find the best curriculum? Top 10 Homeschool Curriculum for 2021 Choose a teaching method: There…