New! 2015 Weekly Homemaker’s Planner


Weekly Homemaking Planner Package

It’s here! The 2015 Weekly Homemaking Planner Package designed prettily with the busy woman who takes care of home in mind.

This package contains 3 files…

  1. The 2015 Weekly Homemaking Calendar

  2. The 2 Page per Month 2015 Calendar

  3. A Daily Plan for extra busy times


This year I’ve added a few extras to the Weekly Planner…

  • 2 Page Per Week for the 2015 Year
  • Fillable form fields that populate for repeated tasks you do each week.
  • Daily To-Dos
  • Weekly To-Dos
  • Weekly Prayer Requests
  • Weekly Grocery add to list
  • Mini-month at the top of each weekly page
  • Bonus 12 Month 2 per page Supplement
  • Bonus Daily Plan sheets for forgetful times


Each week starts on Sunday with tidbits of what else may be going on in your week right on the page.

What is a Weekly Homemaking Planner?

I create these planners with ME in mind and then add touches for YOU.

As much as I love keeping track of daily details I don’t love having tons of papers or a REALLY thick binder in which to do it.

There are 365 days in a year. I don’t want a binder that big. 52 weeks is big as it is.

My days for the most part have a set pattern but there are details I can forget if they’re not in front of me.

  • What was I cooking for dinner again?
  • I was supposed to call the plumber today!
  • So and so asked me to pray for her, where can I keep that note?
  • What does April look like in my schedule?
  • Oh I keep forgetting to do all these things on Saturday!


Those are the questions behind this planner package. Questions I find myself asking so I decided to make a calendar/planner to solve all three.

This is not about Cleaning your Home, Preparing Your Meals, or Homeschooling your children. This is just about what day is it and what are those little things I need to keep on top of.


There are 3 ways to use this planner package.

  1. You can print the whole thing and keep in your binder (I do this).
  2. You can fill it out on your computer, print it and


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*These are PDF files. No physical product will be mailed.

Use with Adobe Reader:



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