Daily To-Do List {Free Printable}


A Daily To Do List is something simple but effective that can help to keep a homemaker on track.

Knowing what you have to accomplish each day is a bonus.

To use this Daily To Do List I recommend printing it and laminating the sheet or putting it into a page protector. Each evening before you go to bed review your calendar, planner, or whatever you use to keep track of appointments and such and transfer the information to this sheet using a wet erase or dry erase pen.

Leave the Daily To Do List somewhere where you will have ready access to it throughout the day. You can post it to your fridge. Leave the single sheet out on the counter or on your desk or what I like to do is put it into my Homemaking Binder and leave it open so I know that is the day’s activities.

Even if I’m out and about when I return home I can check off what was done or before I leave home check off what I did before stepping out of the house.

As you accomplish items or move through routines check off what is done so you can see how much you’ve got done for that day.

This simple Daily To Do List has a section for a Morning Routine, an Evening Routine, What’s for Dinner, Household Chore for the Day, and Calls and Errands to Make.

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