Free Editable Printable August 2016 Cleaning Calendar

Happy August and here is your Free Cleaning Calendar for August 2016!


It’s time again for your August 2016 Monthly Cleaning Calendar.

I hope these cleaning calendars are helping to keep your home in tip top shape. Whether you rent or own it’s good for your health and your well being to keep dust bunnies at bay and be able to find your belongings. So do keep tidy.

This month is a last ditch effort to get everything tidied up before the kids go back to school. Even moreso if they’re homeschool as my daughter is (by the way we have a coming blog hop that can give you all kinds of tips and ideas for your home and homeschool later this month so stay tuned).

By August your home may be full of dust and your kitchen counters cluttered with produce from u-pick farms or even your own back yard.

If you’re finding yourself a little overwhelmed by all this homemaking I want to mention a lovely new resource I’ve been a part of for the past several weeks. My Homemaking Mentor is a Biblical Homemaking training center with videos, printables, and lots of practical tips. It’s a lovely place to refresh and renew.

You’ll notice this month we tackle a set of baseboards once a week. These things can get icky and dusty and it makes your whole room sparkle when you take care of them. I’ve got a little article for you on baseboards too right here => Baseboard Days Cleaning: Where the Wall and the Floor Meet.

Click Here for Your Cleaning Calendar

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