Free To Do Lists to Add to Your Planner

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Free Printable To Do Lists
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Free Printable To Do Lists

Day 4 of 12 Days of Free Printables is all about the To Do List

A To Do List is one of the most simple ways you can begin to get organized about your days. Highly productive people make a To Do list the night before and then check it first thing in the morning.

Keep your list in a spot where you are sure to check it throughout the day. Feel a sense of accomplishment when you check off what you are getting done each day.

To Do Lists work as well in the home as they do in the workplace. Your home might even be your workplace! Mine sure is.

Here are some things I put on my To Do lists…

  • Phone calls to make
  • Emails to write
  • Dinners to thaw
  • Certain area in the home I want to declutter or clean
  • Item I may want to look for

Start jotting down your To Do list for the next day the night before. The action of writing out your to do list and then checking it out as one of your first things the next morning will get you ready to complete your tasks and be more productive. This goes for work, home, or wherever you need to be productive.

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12 Free Printable To Do Lists

  1. These pretty little To-Do forms from designer Colleen Van Heese and are featured on I Want That. Cut them out and make a cute to do pack for your desk!
  2. You will find two versions of To Do Lists on Not Quite Susie.
  3. Our Free TO Do List here at Homemaking Organized.
  4. The Tiny HoneyComb has 4 different colored To Do lists for you.
  5. Clean Mama has clean style and this colorful To Do list manages to be colorful and simple all at the same time. This would also make a nice To Do list for your kids.
  6. This nice To List comes with a lesson in prioritizing. How many times do we put things on the To Do List without knowing where to start? Thank you to the Well Planted Poppy for this great idea.
  7. A Well Feathered Nest has created a cute list called Stuff to Do with each day of the week listed so you can circle what day you’re working on.
  8. Want a To Do List for your week? Think About Such Things has you covered when you sign up for list. You’ll get access to lots of great printables.
  9. A simple To Do list with a section for priorities and another section for “if there is time”.  This is nicely and elegantly done by Organise my House who by the way has an excellent deep dive course on Decluttering Your Home (yes I own it).
  10. These soothing To Do Lists with pretty blue accents come in a smaller size to fit into you binder. You can find them at DOAA Inspiring Designs.
  11. How can I have a To List list without featuring one that champions my favorite animal the kitty?! This whimsical cute to do list from Vintage Glam Studio also features stickers which make it ultra cute!
  12. Living in the Margin has created this sweet To Do List for the Holidays. Keep on top of all your holiday preparation details.

I hope you enjoy and find something you can use.

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