More Free Preschool Printables from the Gift of Curiosity


Easter Printable Pack contains 81 activities focused on skills such as creative expression, shapes, colors, sizes, same vs. different,
patterning, puzzles, fine motor, mazes, math, and literacy. The activities are designed for kids ages 2-7. This pack can be found at:

Easter Do-a-Dot Printables are geared toward kids ages 2-5. This pack contains 21 pages of do-a-dot activities focused on shapes,
colors, numbers, and letters. This pack can be found at:

Easter Coloring Pages Printable features 6 different Easter coloring pages, and can be found at:

Finally, the Easter Sudoku Printables features 4 different child-friendly Sudoku puzzles to support critical thinking and logic skills. This pack can be found at:




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