Make Over Your Mornings and Evenings for Back to School Sale


Have you been taking it easy this summer? Getting up late and staying up late?

Oh wait I’m talking about myself!

It’s so easy with these long summer days to let go of the organized schedule I, sort of, had going on during our school year.

We stay up and outside late into the evenings. When we finally come it we realize we should have been in bed hours ago. We then get up late and I’m in the kitchen scrambling to come up with something for breakfast. Our devotions are out the window and sometimes… just sometimes the kitchen is full of dirty dishes (gasp!).

It’s a little difficult to revamp our thinking and get ready for the coming season. Back to School is just around the corner and that means making changes a few weeks earlier can lead to smoother days.

For the next few days Make Over Your Mornings and Make Over Your Evenings, the ecourses created by Crystal of are on sale.

Pay only $10 for one course and get the second course fo r$7. Both of these courses are normally $17 each! It’s like 2 for the price of one!

Crystal created these targeted ecourses because her readers kept asking her how she got so much done in the day.

As homeschooling, entrepreneur, best selling author, wife, and mother of 4 she has accomplished quite a bit in the past few years while also being a huge blessing to those in need around the world. People wanted to know how she found the energy and the time to accomplish all this.

So Make Over Your Mornings and Make Over Your Evenings were created. 2 ecourses to help you design the perfect routines to help you maximize your time and accomplish more without overwhelming yourself.

Start your schoolyear off right. Pick up both courses for the price of one this week August 8th through the 15th. These courses won’t be on sale again until 2017.


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