5 Natural Ways to Deal with a Headache

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I’ve suffered headaches since I was a teenager.

Hormonal changes, too little sleep, and lately weather changes all can cause me to have an annoying throbbing head. And that’s no fun.

Headaches are awful. They, hurt, interrupt your day, and they can make you snap at your loved ones.

Back in the day a simple rest, in a darkened room, with a cool washcloth would work to get rid of my headache. But as a mom I don’t have many hours in the day to nap and if I did find a dark room to lay down in someone would come to find me for some small emergency, I can guarantee it. And then there are the times when I’m out and about when a headache hits! The worst!

Yes over the counter medications can work to clear up a headache but do you really want to rely on them all the time? I don’t.  So I look for different ways to help me cope.

Here are Five Natural Ways I deal with my headaches.

1.) Water: Sometimes water is all I need.  I didn’t believe it when I heard it but for some milder headaches this can work.  This type of headache usually comes from dehydration or  sinus issues but drinking a glass of water can ward it off.

2.) Dark Room, Cool Washcloth: If you can get away giving your head and body some peace and quiet with a cool washcloth to shrink blood vessels and darker surroundings to give your eyes a rest sounds just about right.

3.) Tea: A good cup of hot tea also can help with headaches. Some headaches will respond to something simple like peppermint and then some need a tea blend concocted just for them. This usually helps me with sinus headaches. And then sometimes I try a tea blend with white willow bark if the headache is hormonal or otherwise.

4.) Essential Oils: Lately I’ve been applying the essential oil blend of Peppermint, Lavendar, and Frankincense to my temples. I got this tip from my friend Pamela at… Again this was one of those, I ‘m not sure this will work moments but it did! This potent blend is very effective at nipping many headaches in the bud! I now have a little roller ball I put in my purse just in case. I haven’t had to use it yet but I’m feeling better knowing I have my blend handy!

5.) Nasal Wash: Sometimes my headache is simply a congested head. My sinuses don’t like to drain nicely so I have to give them a boost. I first started getting congested to the point of headached when I was pregnant. My doctor told me about nasal washes as a safer alternative than over the counter medicine. I use the Nasopure System first thing in the morning during seasonal allergy time. Ah…Relief!

How do you deal with your heachaches?

If you have more interest in using essential oils topically for here’s some information to help you out.

Topical Use of Essential Oils:

– Apply to the bottom of the feet for overall body absorption (OnGuard- doTERRA: 2-3 drops in the morning or evening to boost the immune system.)

– Uplift the Mood (Balance – doTERRA on the back of the neck or spine.)

– Go directly to the source (Example: Have a tummy ache, put DigestZen – doTERRA directly on your stomach.)

– Add it to your bath (Try 2-3 drops Lavender or Serenity – doTERRA to relax.)


Safety is Important!

There are 2 places to NEVER put essential oils

  1. In the eyes
  2. In the ear canal

If either of these accidentally happens, it shouldn’t damage your eye but it will sting.  Put in a couple drops of a carrier oil and it takes the sting out in seconds!

Do NOT use water!  Oil and water don’t mix and the sting will be worse. If you don’t have access to a carrier oil (in the car, at a restaurant, etc) find something fatty like milk or butter.

Skin Test
It’s a good idea to skin test an essential oil before using it. Every body is different and just because one oil did incredible things for one person doesn’t automatically mean it will be a perfect fit for you, and in some rare instances an oil may irritate your skin:

  • Start with just one oil or blend at a time.
  • Apply the oil (neat aka straight or diluted, as indicated on your bottle) to a small area first.
  • When trying oils that are new to you, allow enough time (3 – 5) minutes for the body to respond before applying a second oil.
  • Placing oils on the bottom of your feet is most often a safe place to use essential oils topically if you experience irritation elsewhere.




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