All Your kid’s Vitamin Needs in one Multivitamin

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As you learn more and more about your child’s growing body and the role nutrition, gut health, vitamin D, and B vitamins can play in optimal health you may be looking for good sources for those supplements.

There is no end of supplement offerings for children but sometimes these can have too much sugar or not much of a supplement to begin with.

That makes it worth taking a look at Little DaVinci. Little DaVinic is a brand of vitamins that makes supplements formulated just for children. And they’ve been around for over 45 years.

#Momsmeet recently sent me a cute little package of Little DaVinci supplements created specifically for children including their multivitamin for children Mighty Vite.

Why Kids Need MultiVitamins

There are a number of reasons while children might take multivitamins.

Sometimes a child can have extra needs or a conditions in his or her body that may require extra supplementation.

For example our own daughter was born premature. The doctors sent her home with a lttle bottle of specially formulated multivitamins to give her tiny body the extra help it needed to grow and stay healthy (I think it worked really well). We kept up with that tradition and she still takes a multivitamin today. She’s been taking a multivitamin since. We feel that they help the immune system and along with a healthy diet help her to be as healthy as she can be.

There are a few other situations that may make vitamin supplementation a really good idea.

  • Malabsorption
  • Malnutrition
  • Compromised Immune System
  • Optimal Health to name a few

About Little DaVinci and Mighty Mite

If you’ve been looking for a good multivitamin for your little ones. Little DaVinci uses high quality ingredients to make several vitamin supplement formulas for children.

#Momsmeet sent me a few of these supplements.

Mighty Vite Multivitamin

Mighty Vite Multivitamin was created with the help of a pediatrician. These vitamins are gluten free, made without GMO ingredients, have no added sugar, and no added dairy.

These Multivitamins contain probiotics AND prebiotics, Folic Acid among other B vitamins, Vitamin D, and Vitamins A, C, and E.

Along with probiotics and prebiotics that help with digestion. Mighty Mite is made to the same standards as the Davinci adult vitamins and the formula comes in a powder form to be absorbed quickly.


Another supplement we received is Immuni-Z which is a zinc supplement for immunity health. Zinc is a mineral found in our bodies. It helps our bodies to fight off diseases and helps with would healing. It’s an important mineral and often our bodies are deficient in it.


Calm is another supplement we received. It contains Green Tea Extract and L-Theanine to help your little one relax and get some sleep.

You can purchase Little DaVinci supplements here =>

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