Want a Really Clean Home? Use an Air Purifier

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I love how my home smells when I’ve just cleaned it.

Wiped windows, mopped floors, fresh linens and towels. Odors are gown and it’s fresh and clean.

It’s wonderful but it doesn’t last. Cooking odors, pet odors, life. I’ve talked about opening your windows each day to let fresh air in each day. And while that is a good habit there is another way to clear the air in your home. Especially good if you have pets like we do.

Air Purifiers

Having an air purifier in your home, especially in your bedroom, can really help with the air quality in your home. Air purifiers can remove odors, dust, and the pollen from your home’s air. They make an excellent addition to the healthy additions you make in your home.

Toppin recently sent us a Comfy Air Bridge 4 True HEPA Air Purifier to try out in our home.

We’ve been loving the Toppin cordless vacuum for keeping our cat home tidy so the was a no brainer to try their newest air purifier.

About the Toppin Comfy Air Bridge 4 Air Purifier

Comfy Air Bridge 4 Air Purifier

The Toppin Comfy Air Bridge 4 True HEPA Air Purifier is a great purifier for large rooms. It covers up to 392 square feet. It’s sleek and portable so the design can fit into any home decor and its easy to carry from room to room. Which I do often.

The Comfy Air has all kinds of settings such as three levels of fans, a sleep mode, safety lock button to keep little fingers from making changes, a timer button so you can set it for how long you want it to run, air quality indicator so you know what you are dealing with and more. There is also an aromatherapy tray so you can scent your home with your favorite essential oils.

The H13 True HEPA filter in the Comfy Air Bridge removes up to 99.97% of airborne particulates. The nylon pre-filter filters out hair and pet dander. Very important when you’re a pet household. Nano Silver Ions block bacteria growth for a healthier home. And the activated carbon filter absorbs pollen and, my favorite, eliminates odors.

Purifying Our Home

Controls on the Comfy Air Bridge 4 Purifier

I was pretty excited to plug in the Toppin Comfy Air Bridge 4. Getting an air purifier for our home has been on our to do list but it just hadn’t gotten done. Since my husband works for an HVAC company he was well aware of what an air purifier could do for the air quality in our home. And since both my daughter and I suffer from seasons allergies we wanted to explore this option for relief. Toppin has become one of my favorite companies for a clean home.

After I quickly unpacked and put the Toppin Air Purifier together I turned it on. Per directions after a few minutes the purifier lights let you know the quality level of the air in the room. Ours is good, phew!

After running the purifier for a few hours my daughter came home and quickly commented at how nice the house smelled. Hmmm I guess the cat might need a bath. But this was a good sign. I showed her the Comfy Air Bridge 4 and explained how it worked.

Next I tested it for allergy relief for me. During certain times of the year I wake up with sinus headaches. It doesn’t necessarily happen in the spring but more when the weather changes such as high heat or from the summer months to the fall days. It’s not fun.

Normally to get relief I spend some time in a hot running a shower with ice pack on my head, coupled with nose rinsing, and taking some over the counter pain meds. It can take an hour to make me human again.

I was hoping the Toppin Comfy Air would help clear the air of whatever is upsetting my system from evening to morning. I’ve been running the Toppin Comfy Air Bridge 4 in our bedroom for a couple of weeks to test out if it would help. I’m not 100% sure mine issues are from air quality or barometric pressure but after week on I had no headaches. Then I tried with a week of no purifier and I had a couple of headaches. Not as bad as usual but still uncomfortable. I’m still testing this out.

I love that the Comfy Air is light and portable so I can use it in any room like.

Unfortunately it’s taken something like my headaches to get me to take notice of the air around me but I’m glad for a product like the Comfy Air Bridge 4 with features I didn’t know I needed.

If you’ve been looking for an air purifier check out the Comfy Air Bridge 4.

Toppin Purifier

Where to Get the Comfy Air Bridge4

You can get your own Comfy Air Bridge 4 from the TOPPIN website.

You can also oder a Comfy Air Bridge from Amazon.

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