E is for Early to Bed, Early to Rise for Fitness

early-for-fitnessOn one of our vacation trips my husband snapped a few photos of me. Those photos showed a woman I didn’t recognize. She had big hips and arms with dimples!


That week when we came home I decided it was time to wage war on the fat!

The main weapon in my arsenal was to be working out. Or exercising.

That’s because the main reason for my unhealthy weight gain is being sedentary. Well that an not eating the right things at the right time.

You hear it all the time. How working in an office can be unhealthy because you sit all the time. I think it’s true. Actually when I worked outside the home that was my healthiest time. I used to walk during lunch each day and that small little effort  seemed to be enough for my body (at that time) to keep a healthy weight. I exercised off and on during this time but that was very sporadic and it was the walking that really kept the pounds at bay.

Coming home to be a foster mom, adoptive mom, and finally homeschooling mom these days I find myself sitting more than ever before in my life. And what was once a 10 lb gain quickly ballooned into a 20 pound gain overnight.

So of course I need to do something about this.

Back when I was trying to lose baby weight exercise along using fake sugar and eating salad for lunch removed 10 pounds in a hurry. I’m a little wiser about the fake sugar now but I’m also a little married to the real sugar.

I’m also older now and what once worked for my body doesn’t seem to be good enough any more.

Fake sugar and a daily walk don’t cut it anymore.

I want to be deliberate about my goals for healthy weightloss. Yes healthy weightloss.

Here are my steps for Healthy Weightloss:

  • Getting up early to exercise. The best time, at least for me, to exercise is in the am.  I have a bevvy of workouts at my disposal but this time I’m using my 6 Week Pregnancy Weightloss program. Wait! What? But I’m not pregnant! No I’m not but Sara’s program works for any mom. I love it! It’s organized, thoroughly planned, and the workouts fit into my day. Besides,it’s only for 6 weeks. If you need more there is also her SuperMoms program (click the blog link at the bottom of the page) which will help you in the hormone arena, has more workouts, more recipes, and more tips.
  • Eat a good breakfast after working out. I’m not a big breakfast eater but did you know that studies show that eating a good breakfast aids in weight loss? So I eat a breakfast with some sort of protein after working out.
  • Drink more water. Somewhere along the way I lost my way with water. Water is essential for weightloss. Drinking it during my workout and periodically throughout the day helps shed those unwanted pounds.
  • Cut back on the sugar. Probably the hardest part for me. I like my sugar. But instead of getting rid of it completely Sara (of 6 Week Pregnancy Weightloss) let’s me have 2 cheat meals a week. I can deal with that. It means I look forward to them all the more.
Waking up earlier to start my day out right!

How is this all working? Very well as long as I do the main thing and that is getting up before my household to start my day out right. Phew!

Are you an early riser? Tell me how you do it…
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