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Have you ever been out and about and been hit with nausea out of the blue? I have. Not pretty. Nothing happened (or rather cem up) but I was pretty miserable for a time.

I don’t get nauseous often but when I do I would give anything to have something safe on hand to relieve the feeling. And quick!

I was recently sent Sea-Band Mama!, Sea-Band Original, and Sea-Band for Children products to test out for keeping nausea at bay.

How I wish these had arrived a week earlier! I had become nauseated on a road trip and we had to make an emergency stop for some crackers and peppermints.

Sea-Band Mama! Bands

Sea-Band Mama! is an acupressure knit wrist band that you wear at an acupressure point on your wrist to help alleviate nausea.

The bands come two in a pack in a small plastic case for easy carrying. The Sea-Band Mama! bands for mommas to be are lavender.

The nausea relief is based on the Chinese art of acupressure.  Where you apply pressure on a specific point of your wrist that causes your nervous system to release chemicals in the body that trigger relief. In this case from nausea.

The instructions say to find your pressure point by bending your wrist up and using your fingers to find the correct pressure point. There are detailed instructions in the wrist band pack.

Sea-Band Mama! is considered a safer alternative for mothers to be and a drug free option that soothes an irritated tummy.

The Sea-Band Mama! bands are made out of stretchy knit material. There is a white knob/button attached to the band that fits right on the pressure point on your wrist.

For the best results, the bands are to be put on before nausea happens for a pregnant mom, and I would guess that would be when you first wake in the morning or before a long drive.  The instructions say relief should kick in between 2 to 5 minutes.

The bands are one size fits all. I did wear the bands before a short road trip recently. Does the fact that I didn’t get nauseous mean anything? I do have small wrists and was left with a print on them. I find the bands a little tight but maybe they need to be to work.

I wasn’t experiencing nausea when I tried this band but I do keep them in my purse just in case. I’m also not pregnant so how it works for that I don’t know.  They slide on easily and following the directions in the packet it was easy to find my correct pressure point.

When I was pregnant I didn’t have morning sickness but I would get nauseated now and then. Not much so I would never be prepared but having something like this in my purse would have been wonderful.

I also received a pair of Sea-Band Original bands, and Sea-Band for Children bands.

Sea-Band Ginger Lozenges

Sea-Band also sent me some Sea-Band Mama! Lozenges with Folic Acid. Again note I’m not pregnant. I did happen to try these one day in church. I don’t always eat breakfast before church service and that can sometimes mean an off stomach. I quickly (and quietly) popped one of these lozenges into my mouth and experience quick relief.

Sea-Band Mama! lozenges are made from Zingiber Officinale which contains the essential oils gingerol and shogaol. These lozenges also contain Folic Acid. These are kinda sweet and yummy since they also include sugar and glucose syrup so be advised not to take more than 10 a day.

The lozenge was really strong with ginger which distracted me (a good thing) from my nausea and helped to soothe my tummy.

I was also sent

Sea-Band Mama! Ginger and Spearmint Rollette

Pregnant mamas can also take advantage of the Sea-Band Mama! Ginger and Spearmint Rollette. Filled with pregnancy safe essential oils the rollette is small and convenient to tuck into your purse.

Essential Oil mamas will recognize the Lime, Spearmint, and Ginger essential oils in this roll on.

You can apply the blend to your wrists, temples, and chest in the mornings for scented relief.

Nauseau doesn’t just happen when you’re pregnant. I actually had never thought to use acupressure or that I should look for something specifically designed to relieve motion sickness symptoms.

You can find Sea-Band Mama! and other Sea-Band! products online.

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