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Do you have a good P.E. program in your homeschool? Even though physical fitness may not be your state homeschool requirement it’s still an excellent addition to any homeschool curriculum to help your kids learn the basics of keeping physically fit.

This weekend. March 22-23. Family Time Fitness 4 Homeschools is a free download.

One thing that seems to slip our minds when we homeschool is a good fitness curriculum

A complete curriculum for K-8 Ages 5 through 13 with 260 lessons. You don’t have to have previous physical education of athlectic knowledge. You get assessment tools, encouragement emails, and occasional webinars.

Each lesson includes a warmup, the exercises, and then a cool down with demonstration videos for each exercise. You get small list of equipment needed, what skills will be learned and an outdoor activity.

Over 7800 Minutes of activity a year

Visit Educents to get your FREE copy.

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