Swimming as a Cardio Exercise for the Whole family

Swimming as cardio exercise for the whole family

Early this summer my husband proposed taking swimming classes as a family.

I was not amused.

It’s no secret that swimming is not my favorite sport. Although I did spend a lot of my free time at the local swim club when I was a child.  And again as a teen. Learning the rudimentary basics of swimming is something I’ve never done.

I’ve always been fascinated that people can keep their heads above water when their feet can’t touch. And how they move effortlessly through the water with simple arm and leg movements.

Since swimming is great cardio exercise, something I desperately need to do, and not wanting to be the one to put a damper on the family activities I jumped on board for family swimming lessons.

Modest Swimming Attire

First on the agenda were modest swimwear for myself and my daughter. My husband wears swimming shorts and a t-shirt, attire I was to find was common place for the men at the Y (where we are members).

I looked high and low on Pinterest and blogs for something that would work for me and for my daughter. We both wanted something modest but at least a little stylish.  And after a while, I saw we had different needs.

My daughter is slim and still growing so a simple modest swimming suit and shorts would work fine for her.

I found this swimsuit on Amazon. I liked it for the higher neckline and the bright colors my daughter loves. I read reviews too. I ran my choice by the Sweet Peanut and she loved it so we got it. Color fading has happened but she’s not concerned about that.

So even though we got the nice swimsuit up top my daughter wanted some shorts. She also has several water ballon parties during the summer and as a growing teen she feels more comfortable with something on her lower half. I would insist anyway but I like her thinking. I knew what she would like but I was buying at the end of the season and after going elsewhere came back to Amazon for these board shorts too. . I read the reviews for these carefully. Since her frame is small I actually ordered a medium which fit her perfectly. These WOULD NOT have worked for me. They run small.

For my swimsuit, after looking around, I felt this boyleg swimsuit from Blair.com was more my speed. Never thought I would see my self shopping at the stores my grandmother used to get catalogs from (she probably still does) but after the age of 35 the clothes started looking much more attractive to me. I no longer have the figure of my youth and so I wanted something covering my hips.

 25% Off Clearance at Blair.com with Code BQET!    And make sure you use your Ebates to get CASH BACK!

I also added some swim shorts because if that skirt flies up it wasn’t going to be pretty (LOL!). I purchased these swimshorts from Amazon. They fit fine since they are under the swimsuit.


My daughter and I both wear swim caps.


On to Swimming as Cardio Exercise

After the first session of swimming across the pool using one of our newly learned swimming techniques I knew I had found a golden exercise! I was out of breath and my legs were sore! This was also telling that I needed to get busy getting some exercise because that little jaunt should’ve made me so winded.

My husband (who already knows how to swim!) concured. His goal was to get me interested in swimming as a form of cardio exercise so I would have options I was willing to do when it got too hot.

That’s always been my excuse, it’s too hot to exercise. So pretty much all summer…I don’t exercise. Bad me.

Swimming was serious cardio !

I’ve come to discover that swimming gives you an excellent cardiovascular workout! When you swim freestyle, backstroke and butterfly laps these swimming strokes all require power and good lung capacity. And the more you swim your ability to swim farther and faster will increase!

I was discovering this with each swimming lesson we had each week!

I was working to build a strong heart and lungs with a low impact exercise. And the bonus? I was  also toning my body from head to toe!

Every day after our lesson I would heave my body out of the pool laughing at how exhausted I was. I had been having fun, learning to swim, and getting a full body exericse to boot!

And not just me but my daughter and husband too.

My husband had been making noises about finding a good exercise to do. He formerly ran marathons and swam a great deal but with work and life he just hadn’t found time to get some exercise in and he was missing it.

Our daughter is already taking gymnastics so swimming is something we can all do as a family and something she is gravitating towards more. It’s also something she can do with her friends now and not fear the deep end (like I always did while growing up).

Where Can you Swim?

Where we live very few people have backyard swimming pools. It’s just not warm enough year round and then there’s the whole backyard size thing going on. Instead, we head to our local YMCA. There is also another local community club we looked at joining but the price was better here.

It’s very convenient.  We can head to our local pool to swim laps, take a class,  or meet up with friends. Checking the calendar I’ve also noticed that water aerobics is also a fun way to get in shape without risking injury.

No matter the weather most communities have indoor swimming pools like the YMCA or offered by the city.

So if you need a low impact, fun exercise that the whole family can do swimming can be that sport. It’s proving to be so for us. 

What activities does your family do to keep fit and get in some exercise?


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