T-Tapp Deep Discount Tuesday All Workouts 35% Off!

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Great News! This Tuesday (today) ALL T-Tapp Workouts are 35% OFF and orders over $100 get FREE SHIPPING!

What is T-Tapp?

T-Tapp is a 15 minute, easy to do, low impact, detoxing workout developed by Teresa Tapp originally for women recovering from breast cancer, that many people have found really helps their overall health.

Now the 15 minutes is just for the first basic video. After that you may, like me, become addicted and order many more longer videos such as walking, debulking, advanced, and hormone workout.

Who Can Use T-Tapp?

Anyone can use T-Tapp. That’s what makes it so wonderful. From kids to adults from women to men. When I do my T-Tapp workout my husband and daughter come running to do it with me. You’ll find out why in a minute.

Who Might Not Benefit from T-Tapp?

Honestly I don’t know. I sat on the fence about T-Tapp for YEARS, yes YEARS! Before finally hitting my 40’s and giving it a go. I had read about it in a magazine almost 10 years earlier and didn’t believe such a thing existed. That was before blog reviews. Well…

My husband rehabed his shoulders doing the simple T-Tapp 15 minute workout. I rehabed my hips and gained more energy doing it. The stories on the T-Tapp website and in the book tell all kinds of testimonial stories of not only women but men who have worked out a multitude of body issues, mostly losing weight, simply using T-Tapp.

T-Tapp Comparison

I’m not sure of another workout quite like T-Tapp. I like my workouts too. I have a whole personal library of them. Hard and easy.

I’m not jumping up and down while doing T-Tapp workouts but I can break a good sweat getting it done.

I don’t need any special equipment with T-Tapp but I like to wear good shoes.

My body is considered a “less to lose” in the T-Tapp camp so while I don’t see a lot of pounds off my body tightens up and feel much better.

My Personal Tutorial on Using T-Tapp

While T-Tapp can work quickly to give you results don’t dive in without checking out the tutorial on the correct form for doing the T-Tapp workout. Some even report getting results with the tutorial and it’s important to get the form right.

Getting the form right is key to getting results in T-Tapp. Teresa calls out form point reminders often during the tutorial workout. This is because every part of your body is working during the workout and if you’re not accustomed to this you quickly forget what should be doing what and may relax a body part or something.

Those with a background in dance (any background) will have an easier time with T-Tapp that those without. You are used to being aware of what all the parts of your body are doing at the same time so keeping form is easier for you (just my 2 cents).

When I first started T-Tapp I bought the book and the basic DVD. If you buy the Basic DVD from the T-Tapp you get other goodies thrown in along with a coupon to use for percentage off your next purchase.

Don’t delay, especially if you’ve been on the fence like I have. T-Tapp Discount Tuesday is once a month and you can only get these deals at the T-Tapp store and the ones with savings on the videos don’t come often. You can get a wealth of support on the forum and also from customer service.


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