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Welcome to Homemaking Organized. I love having a clean and organized home!

Image courtesy of Michelle Meiklejohn /
Image courtesy of Michelle Meiklejohn /


Homemaking Organized

I love spending time at home and I want that home to be clean and well cared for.

With families busier than ever these days there precious little time to spare on keeping home as in the days of long ago.

But Home is still vital and important. It’s the place to come to at the end of the day. To let down the cares of the world and find respite and renewal for the next day.

I’m not perfect when it comes to have a clean and organized home but I’m constantly searching for ways to make this happen. I love it when my spaces are clean and well organized and I’m pretty sure you do to too!

Did you know that when you clean and care for your belongings you…

So let’s talk about how you can make this clean and organized space happen.

The Beauty of a Clean and Organized Home


A clean and organized home does not only save you all these things it’s also lovely place for your family.

A clean and organized home is a blessing to you, your family, and those you entertain within it’s walls.

Nothing bad comes from having a clean home. At least as far as I know. Except maybe people will always want to come visit you.

Home Organizing Tools

Keeping a home organized is easier for some than for others. This has certainly been true in my family. If you do your best to follow home organizing tips from Pinterest or Instagram or other online sites that show you all kinds of lovely organized spaces and this just doesn’t translate in your home don’t fret. You are not alone. It turns out that not everybody can organize the same way.

If you are having a hard time getting your home organized you may not have found the right system for YOU! Before you buy another bin or basket to organize your home take this online quiz to find out what kind of organized personality you may have.

Some other things I recommend for organizing your home…


Home Cleaning and Organized Books

There is so much good information on keeping your home together. Whether you like vintage tips like me or more modern advice.  Books are not only great for escaping to new lands but also for learning valuable information that can help you in life. In the are of home there are books for…

  • Creating a Minimalist Home
  • Creating the Home You want with What you have
  • Finally Decluttering Your Home
  • Having an Ecofriendly home.


 Homemaking for a Digital Age

And I can no longer ignore all the great technical stuff for homemakers today. I’m mostly speaking of tablets and their apps. You can find apps for….

  • Keeping on your cleaning toes
  • Menu Planning
  • Keeping your family organized