10 Great Ways to Save Money in the Kitchen – July Blogging Challenge Day 6

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Day 5 of the July Blogging Challenge.

  • Make from Scratch – You hear this a lot and even wonder if it’s true but yet it is and it should be number 1 on your list of ways to save money in the kitchen. Making your own foods from scratch just tastes better and is better for you. Don’t let me start with all of the extra fillers and things found in convenience foods and even those meals you pick up from the fast food restaurant. Do yourself a favor and (slowly) start making things from scratch. Don’t try to do it all at once. And don’t start with something hard. What’s one thing you can think of that your family loves that you buy all the time that you could probably make? Cookies? Bread? Salad dressing? Yogurt? For me it was bread. Now years later I can make bread any which way. Sourdough, 1 hour bread, 5 loaves of whole wheat. I love baking bread. Here’s a library of recipes to get you started >>> Healthy Meal Planning
  • When you find a good deal buy it up and put it away – Good deals can be had at most any store and the best are the unannounced ones. Not sure what a good deal is pick up Sarah Titus’ free printable When to Stock Up.
  • Don’t be wasteful with leftovers – Reuse them in a new dish or serve them for lunch the next day.
  • Grow Your Own – Some days I feel better about this than others but when it works it works well. Some things I like to grow and love when it works out are tomatoes, onions, lettuce, Swiss Chard (so easy), cucumbers and zucchini. We eat a lot of all these things and when I can seed save and carry it over to the next year it really keeps the grocery bill down.
  • Learn how to preserve – You don’t always have to can it but when you know how to put away a surprise good deal, blessing, or bumper crop it pays off big. Freezing, Drying, and Canning are 3 ways to stretch that grocery budget. Check out Pick Your Own for tips of preserving most produce.
  • Cook from your Pantry – Give yourself a challenge for one week to only cook from what you have on hand. You may come up with a delicious new dish and you will be more aware of what you have. Your grocery bill will thank you too.
  • Pay Only Cash – Use only a set amount of cash when you grocery shop. This will cause you to focus more on the deals and really pay attention to what you are buying.
  • Only Use Coupons on Things You Would Already Buy – Coupons are only a good deal when it’s something you already use or planned on using (and then found a good coupon and now you can get it).  When you do find that great coupon check to see if there is also a sale
  • From the DH, Only Cook What You Will Eat – Don’t be wasteful about your ingredients. Many times we over cook which leads to leftovers that nobody wants to eat. While if you have leftovers it’s great if you can reuse them it’s better if you don’t have any (unless planned) to begin with.
  • Grocery Shop with a List – Last but not least, and I’m sure there are many more but be sure and do your grocery shopping with a list. You won’t miss anything and if you stick to the list you’ll stick to your budget!

Pay off debt. Budget like a boss. Reach your financial goals.

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