10 Stylish Filing Cabinets to Add to Any Room in Your Home

10-stylish-filing-cabinetsI like Emilie Barne’s position on the Home Office.

Every home needs a place to put papers regarding the home. Bills, warranties, mortgage or rental information and more.

But it does not necessarily need to be a separate room in the home. In fact many homes don’t have this extra room to spare but a special place to house these important papers is still necessary.

A friend who recently purchased a new home took me on a tour around her lovely new home but was bemoaning the fact that she didn’t seem to have any office space.

She really didn’t need a big office of sorts because she didn’t work at home or do much work at home that required office space. She does craft quite a bit but didn’t want her home papers mussing up her lovely craft space.

What she wanted was a cute, 2 drawer, filing cabinet that she could put into her bedroom. She had a large bedroom and fit a cute desk in the corner in there. For her needs a small cabinet that could fit under desk would suffice for keeping bills and home information.

So below is what I dug up for her. 10 Stylish filing cabinets that could fit into her bedroom space. Fitting under the desk will depend upon how much space she has underneath her desk and the height of the filing cabinet which needs to be measured before purchasing.

Now the beauty of a stylish cabinet is that you can fit it anywhere. A bedroom, a small hallway, the dining room. These are small enough to fit anywhere AND hold important papers.

And in case you’re wondering what are important papers read this article on What Papers Should I Keep, For How Long?
Here are some inspirational filing cabinets…

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