10 Useful Father’s Day Gifts to Sew


Father's Day is just days away.

Do you know what you're giving dad? I tend to gravitate towards useful crafts I can sew for Father's Day which is why I made this list. I don't necessarily love to sew. Nor am I great at it but cute thoughtful gifts I can put together with fabric I already have on hand make more sense in my world than purchasing something new. It's frugal, thoughtful, and you can make it just right! Here are 10 great useful Father's Day gifts you can sew. Some require more talent than others and possibly more time.

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Sew Dad a Car Kit:  Who doesn't need a car kit? Okay so I don't have this kind of fabric lying around but this is a great craft to sew. Very useful.





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Dollar Store Crafts

Pocket Square Notebook : This is not really sewn but it's made from fabric and sew cute manly!  Love notebooks and my husband loves to write notes. If you have an old tie lying around or know where to get some for dirt cheap this is a nifty idea and requires more glue than stitches.




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Digital Tablet Sleeve:This is ultra cool. Nice, nice project to make for those a bit more savvy at the sewing machine. Make sure your sewing machine can handle the heavier fabric.





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Totally Love It.com

Pillows from Daddy's Shirt: This project is nice and easy and possibly a good craft for budding sewer in your family.





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Personalized T-Shirt: Not really sewing but it does require fabric. Another Father's Day craft where the kids can take charge.





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Father's Day Quilted Mug Rug: This is a paid project but very low cost $1.99.






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Tie Eyeglass Case: A small amount of sewing makes this a great Father's Day gift to whip up in a jiffy.






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Duffle Bag: For me this is kind of up there with the tablet sewing project (see above) but maybe a tad easier. I don't have time to make this this year but will keep in mind for birthdays.





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Personalized Cuff Links: Another project with no sewing but looks pretty cool and I think the kiddos can help out with this craft for dad.





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Recycled Jeans Slippers: For the price of your email get the pattern to make these cute slippers from old jeans. I really like these and I think my husband will too.





Happy Father's Day!

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