3 Things You Can Do After 34 Weeks of Clean

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Your home is super tidy. Your storage is ultra organized.


If you’ve been following along for the past 34 Weeks you’ve let Michele, of Family, Faith, and Fridays, whip and mold your home into a well polished thing of beauty.

Each week she has taken us on a sweat inducing tour of her own home as she cranks out these challenges and gets her kids in on the action right along with us.

It hasn’t been easy but it has definitely been worth it. For some of us, me, the pain is not even over but no pain no gain. My home is the better for it.

Now what about those of you who have finished getting your home in tip top shape? Who have accomplished the 34 Weeks in a timely manner? What now. What do you do until it’s time to start the challenge again?

  1. Sit back with a cuppa tea and admire your hard work.

    teaYou deserve it. This challenge was not easy and you should be rewarded for your efforts. In fact make your family bring you that tea. Put your feet up on your newly cleaned and organized deck and admire that mowed lawn. Or sit back in the spit shined family room and watch your favorite movie. Enjoy your home, thoroughly.

  2. Finish some leftover projects.

    finishing-dining-tableThis has been what has been going on in my own home. In almost every room the cleaning and organizing has brought projects we wanted to accomplish to the forefront. This week alone we’ve primed and painted 2 closets and a set of shelves. I’ve also (finally after 17 years) begun the process of staining and finishing our dining room table (which will turn into my husband’s office desk and is another story). Revamping each room has brought about new ideas and a fresh outlook on what our could be with a little elbow grease. Now the ability to accomplish all this has come with my finally getting a handle on my extreme exhaustion but that’s another post for another day.

  3. Make a plan for keeping your home in tip top shape.

    Now that the challenge is over (at least for this year) it only makes sense that you would want to keep this momentum going. With daily use your home will need this deep care again. It’s just a fact of life. Regular upkeep of the home is a positive thing. Next time you know what to expect and will only be touching things up but still it helps to have a checklist of what to do. Well Michele and I have you covered. Head on over to Family, Faith, and Fridays and pick your free 34 Weeks of Clean Ebook (for subscribers) to walk you through 34 Weeks of cleaning up your home.



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