3 Tips for Controlling Clutter in Your Child’s Bedroom

controlling_clutter_kids_bedroomMessy Kids Room?

You need a system and to be proactive from the start. Below I've listed 3 types of kid clutter common to most homes and how to deal with it.

Toys: No matter the home, big or small, bins of some sort will help greatly to corral the toy clutter. You can buy a complete organizing bookshelf or just get some bins very cheaply at your favorite dollar store and line them up on any old bookshelf. It doesn't matter. What matters is what goes in the bins. Bins come in so many shapes, sizes and materials too.  Don't feel limited. Fabric boxes, wicker, plastic, metal tins, plastic tubs, recycled cardboard boxes covered with paper or fabric. Don't feel limited or like you can't afford anything. You can make something out of nothing. Be creative.

Once you have your new set of bins it's time to label them with the kinds of toys your child has. You can make and print little cards, or attach small chalkboard cards. One mom used masking tape and you know what? It was cute!

I have a little girl and these are her bins.

  • Balls and cars
  • Dolls and their clothes
  • Electronic toys (kid computers etc.)
  • Plastic bugs and animals
  • Miscellany


They look like this…for now.

my own toy bin labels

Having bins makes it very easy for most any child to clean up their room quickly and easily. Toy clutter is kept to a dull roar.

Books: Books are another kid clutter item that can get out of control. You want your kids to read and to love reading. Kids receive books as gifts all the time. From grandparents, at ever birthday, for participating in a library reading program. And then there are those perfect books that we parents just “have to buy” to fill up the home library. After a while your child will amass enough books to require subject sorting.

If you have too many books to warrant keeping them in bins, or they are too large, organize your child's books on the shelf by subject and use labels on the bookshelf  itself to organize the books.

Clothing Clutter: Ah! Clothes. Children grow so fast. You have to be so on top of things to keep them dressed and in the right size! If you have clothes waiting for them to grow into and clothing that they just grew out of you have clothing clutter. I have clothing clutter. And I have even MORE clothing clutter because since we are having more children we hold on to outgrown items. So how do you organize it all? Well! Try this idea.

Keep 2 bins in your child's closet. One holds clothing your child will be growing into. These may be  good buys, or gifts. You know the stuff you couldn't pass up. Then have a bin that holds the current season of  clothes your child is growing out of. As you come across stuff that is too small toss it in the bin. When the current season comes to an end go through your child's clothing and fill the outgrown bin with stuff they won't be able to wear next time the season rolls through. When you have time move these items either into more permanent storage where they are stored according to size and gender, or, if they are in good shape, give them away.

These are three simple ways to help your child organize his room.

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