34 Weeks of Clean Reboot – Introduction

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34 Weeks of Clean. Clean and Declutter your home - Homemaking Organized

How would you like to declutter and clean your home this year?

The advent of January brings on the desire for out with the old in with new.  Scrubbed up new spaces and tidy belongings are on the agenda. Even though it’s still quite cold outside (depending upon where you land on the globe) all this indoor togetherness makes for an ideal activity of getting the house in order.

A couple of years ago my friend Michele over at Family, Faith, and Fridays introduced a new series called 34 Weeks of Clean

Michelle has a way with organizing and she wanted to help others get their homes in order while she awaited the arrival of her hubby who had been stationed away from home. Looking for something (else) to get her mind off missing her other half 34 Weeks of Clean was born.

This is a project she has had on her heart for some time. To help you get your homes clean and organized in 34 weeks.

How 34 Weeks of Clean Works

Much like a Challenge each Friday there will be a new home cleaning and decluttering chore that you will have a full week to complete.

I’m all about spacing the cleaning out and believe that this method works well for those that are busy outside the home as well as those that spend a lot of time at home.

Progress on Instagram and use the hashtag #34weeksofclean

Michele will offer tips, hints, and printables (provided by moi) to help you along the way.

Here’s January’s Line Up

  • Week 1- Holiday Decorations
  • Week 2- The Pantry
  • Week 3- Kitchen Cabinets and Doors
  • Week 4- Fridge, Freezers, and Floors
  • Week 5- Recipes

I hope you’ll join us.

Now off you go (Anne of Green Gable’s style) let’s find out what this week’s assignment is….

34 Weeks of Clean

(we’re also following along so head on over to the first assignment – Holiday Decorations)

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