4 Different Ways to Repurpose Your Soap Scraps

soap-chipsWe all have them.

Left over odds and ends, bits and pieces, of old soap. Some choose to toss them and some hold on to them until they figure out how to use them all up.

If you’re of the party that saves them up but you don’t know what to do with them here are 5 different ways to reuse your old soap scraps.

Repurpose your soap into new soap tablets: I did this recently as part of a homeschool review. You can read about my steps and results here.

Saddle Soap: If you have ivory soap piece laying around you can make some homemade saddle soap. Saddle soap is used to condition and clean leather products.

Make liquid hand soap: Amy at Homestead Revival (love that name) gives step by step instructables for making liquid hand soap from soap bars. Keep in mind that she is using her own handmade soap.

Sewing something? You can also use soap scraps as chalk to mark sewing lines and nips and tucks. Be sure the fabric washable before you start.

This just goes to show you that just because your soap has been used down to a miniscule piece it hasn’t lost it’s usefulness yet. You may not be able to use it for guest soap again but it can go on to fill many needs in your home.

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