6 Days of Thanksgiving : 6 Ways to Cook Your Turkey

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 Today’s line up is of Thanksgiving Turkeys in six ways.

You know after 20 odd years of the same turkey isn’t it time to switch it up a bit? But what are good, different ways to cook turkey? He doesn’t lend himself too much to too different a taste. Or does he?


I’ve pulled up 6 tried and true methods for cooking your Thanksgiving turkey. We use method #2 and probably will for the next 20 or so years.



1. Roasted Turkey

The absolute basic and time tested way to cook your turkey from a website of the same name. Howtocook aThanksgivingTurkey.comoffers you step by step tips on how to cook your Thanksgiving turkey the right way the first time.

2. Brined Turkey

This is the way we cook our turkey each year. By brining it. Brining involves the soaking of the meat in a salt solutions for several hours. The bigger the meat the longer the soak time. You can also be creative with your salt solution. We add sugar to ours which helps it brown. Here’s a well involved Turkey brining recipe from Martha Stewart. We brined-turkey .It comes out moist and delicious.














3.Deep Fried Turkey:

So deep frying a turkey has been around for a while now. Even though it’s very dangerous. My uncle deep fries his turkey every year. Lots of prayers going up around then. Here’s Food Network’s take on the Deep Fried Thanksgiving Turkey.


4. Grilled Thanksgiving Turkeygrilled-turkey

Now this sounds delicious. A friend of mine uses this method. She says it’s easy and delicious. The Food Network helps us out again with a tried recipe for grilled turkey.







5. Terikayi Turkey

Now here’s a recipe I would love to try. Asian flair turkey. I’m allergic to soy though so I would be using Coconut Aminos instead. I found this 5 star recipe on my favorite food site Taste of Home.

6. Smoked Turkeysmoked-turkey

You will need a smoker for this recipe but apparently the outcome is delicious. About.com gives you the breakdown for creating your own smoked turkey.


There you have it! 6 Decidedly Different Ways to Serve Your Thanksgiving Turkey!

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