6 Days of Thanksgiving : Day 1 Thanksgiving Learning Printables

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Each year around Thanksgiving the Sweet Peanut asks me to pull up some Thanksgiving Printables for her.

Once we have them all printed out she sits down and crafts for hours. This is this year I decided to do her one better and line up a series of posts each showcasing a particular type of Thanksgiving item.

Today’s line up is of Thanksgiving Learning Printables. Cute little things your children can do as the days lead up to Thanksgiving.

These are mostly for the pre-K set but even my daughter, at age 8, finds them fun.

I hope you enjoy and please share any other’s that you may find in the comments below.


1.Thanksgiving Preschool Pack from by Little Monkey Printables at Teacher’s Notebook.

2.Free Thankful List Printable from A Wise Woman Builds Her Home.

3. Free Thanksgiving Printables pack from Gift of Curiosity. Get it for FREE when you sign up to the mailing list.

4. This Thanksgiving Fall kit is sooooo cute. Your kids can help put together their own dining table.

5. Free Thanksgiving Notebooking pages from As We Walk Along the Road.

6. Count Your Blessings Printable from my people BJU Press.



Enjoy these printables!6DaysThanksgiving6DaysThanksgiving6DaysThanksgiving

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