6 Days of Thanksgiving : Day 2 Thanksgiving Felt Crafts

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When Thanksgiving rolls around each year it’s fun to find seasonal Printables to hand out the kids, young and old, in the family.

For some reason this holiday brings out the creative in us. Be it paper, fabric, glue or paint.

Today’s line up is of Thanksgiving Felt Crafts.


When my daughter was very young I always wanted to make her her own felt board with Bible characters. For some reason that was the epitome of something wonderful for her to have. I loved the felt board in Sunday School and wanted one at home too. But alas I never got around to it and the idea faded away.

Then a few years later I started making my daughter cute little things out of felt. She fell in love with them. And I enjoyed making them. They were so cute and easy to make!

Buy real wool felt from Etsy.com!

I love felt for it’s versatility. It’s made from fibers being pressed and matted together. There are synthetic fiber felts such as acrylic and natural fiber felts such as wool. Felt is used to make clothing, shoes, even homes called yurts. It’s used in many countries as well.

I used to try and make our daughter one good felt gift a year (so far we’ve had a doll house, felt food, and a Noah’s ark). These days she’s old enough to make this felt turkey craft for herself.

Felt Turkey Feather Patterns

  • I love felt boards! This is a great seasonal felt turkey one from Teach Beside Me. Use this felt pattern to work with your young child on matching colors and patterns. So cute! You’ll need to print off the cards and then pick up some felt so you can cut out the shapes (if you’re an all natural mom Etsy has some great wool felt.)She has several so dig around and see if you can find some more.

Felt Centerpiece

Pilgrim Pal

  • Familiar with Elf on the Shelf? Here is a Thanksgiving take on it with this cute Pilgrim Pal from Crafts Collection. Made from black felt place it on your fireplace mantle or dining table to the delight of your Thanksgiving guests.

Felt and Burlap Napkin Rings

  • These Felt and Burlap napkin rings from The Real Thing With the Coake Family are so super cute. They’re snazzy enough for your Thanksgiving dining table but make sure you let your kids help you make them.

I hope these Thanksgiving felt crafts will bring you some joy this grateful season. Share pictures of what you make.

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