A Clean Kitchen


The kitchen is the 2nd biggest leaning job in the house. (The other is the  bathroom.)

It helps to have a cleaning strategy and regular cleaning  routine for the kitchen.  It can get dirty fast but if you keep on top of it and develop your cleaning routine it can go quickly.

I like to start off with cleaning up the kitchen, one of the first rooms your guests may see.

This particular cleaning routine omits cleaning the oven which you can clean using your favorite oven cleaner once a month or even every two months or more to keep in tip top shape.

First bring your caddy with all of your cleaning supplies into the kitchen.

Here is your list.

1. Caddy

2. several microfiber cloths or terry cloths

3. old toothbrush

4. cleanser

5. Cleaners: All-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Sink cleaner (usually labeled as tub and tile cleaner), Floor Cleaner

6. Dual sided sponge. Srcubby on one side.

7. Mop of choice with bucket

First declutter the kitchen.

Move all the things that aren't normally on the counters to their respective areas.  Clean up the dishes.  Meaning empty the dishwasher and dish drainer of clean dishes and wash up all the dirty dishes or place them in the dishwasher.

If you don't have a dishwasher after washing up the dirty dishes dry them and put them away.

Remove the drip pans from the stove and set them in hot soapy water in the sink to soak off the food.

You can also add dish washing detergent for an extra  strength touch. Or if you're resourceful remove the old aluminum foil and re-cover them with aluminum foil since you had them covered last month. That will remove all that  cooked on food.

Now start to clean the surfaces of your kitchen. Starting either on the left or the right (I'm left handed and I start on the right) use your  All-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner and spray and wipe dry the cupboards up above and down below. As you stop for the counters inbetween move the  appliances or what have you on the counter forward and spray and wipe those also.  Use the glass cleaner (spray the cleaner on a cloth) to wipe canisters and small appliances on the counters.

If you have stuck, dried on food on your kitchen counters, spray some of the All-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner on the spot and let it sit while you  move on. When you're ready to come back to is use a sponge with a bit of scrubby on the opposite side to remove and then wipe with your cloth.

Wipe the stove/oven and dishwasher front with the All-Purpose Kitchen  Cleaner unless your appliance manuals say otherwise.

As you get to the sink use an abrasive appropriate for the kind of  finish you have to scrub out the sink. Use your old toothbrush to go  around the faucet and all around the outer edge of the sink removing  the un-namable gunk forming there. Rinse and dry with a clean cloth.

If you have windows use this time to spray with the Glass Cleaner and  wipe dry.

When you get to the fridge clean and wipe the outside with glass  cleaner. You may need to use the All-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner as it  should be able to degrease the top which tends to collect all manner of  yuck also.

Now get a bucket of hot water to clean the floor. Sweep up all the debris first. If you have rugs in your kitchen now is a good time to  throw them in the wash (air dry them or you'll destroy the rubber backing – ask me how I know).

Depending on your floor cleaner squish and wipe up with the mop or mix  with the hot water and mop that way.  If you're using the 2 bucket way to mop, good for you. If you're lazy like I am get a microfiber  headed mop, soak it in the bucket, squeeze out and mop away.


  • Spot clean your fridge as you spot the  messes.  Clean out your refrigerator a few times a year (you be the judge based on how icky it gets).
  • Sweep your kitchen floor daily. And if you have a quick mop that's a good idea too.
  • Clean messes as they happen.


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