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One of the most basic things you can do to achieve a more organized home is to find a ‘home’ for every item you own. Just simply having a place to put everything helps considerably in keeping the clutter at bay in your home space.

This of course is easier said than done and to achieve it may take some work but it is very possible and even desirable.

Just spending a few minutes a day focusing on finding a home for all of your belongings can help you see a tidier home very quickly.

To achieve this organized home with minimal stress work on finding a ‘home’ in small blocks of time you set aside each day. 15 minutes is a great block of time that doesn’t seem like much but yet in reality is plenty enough to see big results.

Start with one room in your home and one section. I say go for the least disorganized room so that you won’t quickly become discouraged once you start.Once you have that fairly easy room organized then pick a bigger challenge now that you know the score.

Use baskets and boxes to help corral things that are hard to keep organized. Especially on shelves and in drawers. You can find these very cheaply at your local dollar store.

Measure your spaces and know what sizes you will need before going out to purchase.

Some things that do well in such containers? Your main home junk drawer is a fine spot for containers. Corral those spare batters, pens, and odds and ends into little containers. Use small baskets in the fridge to organize condiments. Use baskets in the bathroom to gather up hair accessories, make up, even towels.

Label your baskets and boxers so you know what is in them, and likewise the other members of your family.

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