Adding Cleaning Chores to Your Monthly Calendar

Adding Cleaning Chores to Your Monthly Calendar


Adding Cleaning Chores to Your Monthly Calendar

If you ever talk to people whose homes seem to always be clean and well organized you’ll find out a few things. Some of them probably simply don’t like messes and tidy up after every single out of place item. Then there the ones who have trained the family members to clean up after themselves. The ones who have hired a service to clean for them. And then finally you may find have a simple system of when to clean what.

That's me. Now I'm not saying my how is always well cleaned and organized but when it is that's because I'm using my simple system of a Cleaning Calendar.

My strong belief is that a simple plan for keeping your home clean is all it takes to keep things in tip top shape.

Regularly scheduled cleaning chores

Instead of wasting my valuable time trying to remember what needs cleaning and when to do that cleaning I use a calendar to tell me when to clean.

So let's make a Cleaning Calendar!

I know you’re just excited about this so let’s get started.

  • To begin making your own cleaning calendar start off right. That means why rebuild the house if it’s already done for you?  Get a Periodic Cleaning Chart from those great Real Simple people here. You may and you may not do everything on this list but it’s an absolutely great place to start. Household chores are listed according to how often they are done.
  • Get a blank monthly calendar with pictures you adore. In addition, you could also print out some stickers with little pictures to remind you of the stuff you are to do. Or buy some stickers to place on the dates when you will be able to your cleaning.
  • Find some free time to organize you cleaning year. Get your calendar and the Periodic Cleaning Chart and starting with the weekly chores (Just keep a list of daily chores.  It's too much to put them on the calendar) put them on the calendar. Don't try and do it all at once. Try filling in a month a day until you have the year spaced out.
  • Another option? Check out our Housekeeping Chore Box.

Happy Cleaning!

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