An Afternoon Tea; Perfect for Celebrations

I have many special teas in my memory bank. From my own Bridal Shower Tea, to a Birthday Tea to my first Tea with my Precious Peanut.

Almost any occasion makes the perfect opportunity to enjoy the company of friends and relations in this beautiful graceful style.

If you choose to plan an Afternoon Tea for a celebratory occasion here are some tips and ideas.


  • Afternoon tea is traditionally served at 4 o’clock but schedules and availability should set the hour for your own Afternoon Tea.
  • Start the occasion out right by issuing invitations. Simple but pretty cards notating the time and place will do and you can even hand deliver.
  • Try not to overdo your guest list and limit the number of guests to what you can comfortably host in your home.  Two or three is a perfectly respectable number.

Now about the te

  • Have something for everyone. Not everyone drinks black tea and some prefer tisanes or what we know as herbal tea. Still more are a bit adventurous and you may have a flowering tea or a specialty mix on hand to delight.
  • Since tea tastes can vary great providing disposable tea sacs or the more traditional single cup tea strainer will do so that everyone gets what they want. If you are unsure of teas a trip to your local health food or natural foods store should yield excellent results.
  • To accompany your tea have some small finger sandwiches, fruit, a few cookies and maybe a cake. Small items that take little or no cutlery to manage. Honestly you can make these items or buy them. The choice is yours.


  • Where will you have the tea? Since the tradition of Afternoon Tea is credited to a duchess some place where you are in a state of lounging such as the living room or drawing room would seem appropriate. Other options are to set up the tea in the dining room and have guests retire to the living room or drawing room.
  • Where ever you set up your tea use a nice white or light single color table cloth and some nice cloth napkins.
  • Your tea pot and tea cups needn’t be the most costliest china found either. For one of my bridal showers (friends and family all over the globe) the host set out various styled pots of different teas throughout among other great things. It was lovely but not overdone. If you need extra cups and saucers you can find them very cheaply at second hand shops. The cups and pots do not need to match and in fact look very lovely when different styles are used together.
  • All you truly need for a lovely tea is a teapot and your favorite cup but add a lace tablecloth,  a few tasty treats and you have set a new standard that other’s will look forward to enjoy again and again.

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