Art in the Home – Day 9 of July Blogging Challenge

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Today is Day 9 of the July Blogging Challenge and our theme for the day is Art.

So I tend to think of home with these challenges and since Art in the Home has been on my heart/mind for a few months I decided to expound on how it’s affecting how I look at my walls.

It’s so amazing how a little piece of art can change a whole room. Especially when you attach it to the wall.

In our previous home we had a lot of things my mother (who is an artist) had made us but I never put anything up since we were renting. You know, never wanting to put a hole in the wall and all.

Even after moving it took a while before I started hanging things. My mother, bless her heart, means to get me out of this mode and has been supplying me with various pieces to hang. I’ve also been nervous about “how” to hang them.

So now as I go on and on about my mother, the artist, making us all this lovely art I want to note that she made much of it just hanging out with my daughter. These lovely pieces were made during homeschool times when my mother was using what was at hand.

 *Please note my photography does not do them justice.

This picture is made entirely from crayons. It’s a scripture from the Psalms drawn in a landscape shape. The frame is bronze and the blue color is to match the rest of my slow coming decor in the dining room.



This piece is made from fabric scraps. Probably mine. It’s to go on the landing of the stairs.  I finally figured out how to hang it and it should go up any day now.


This is a blank wall that is glaringly bare and driving me crazy. Wouldn’t some “Art” go lovely right there!?blank-wall

I like to refer to my vintage book [easyazon_link identifier=”039952536X” locale=”US” tag=”mommybabytool-20″]Use What You Have Decorating[/easyazon_link] when making changes in my home. I’m all thumbs when it comes to decorating and could use all the help I can get. I also don’t like to go out and spend a mind so using what I have is right up my alley.

There is a whole chapter on art that I refer to (with a grain of salt of course) and I’ll share some tips with you.

  • Hang your pieces to show off their best advantage
  • Less is more so rotate your collection if you have a ton
  • Change with the seasons or the feeling you’re trying to convey
  • Have an “art free” wall so your eyes can have a rest (how do you do that in an open concept home?)
  • Hang 3 inches below where you “think” it should go.

There are more tips and even some of them can seem a bit outdated but it’s a nice starting off point if you’re clueless about hanging artwork on your walls as I am.

So are you strategic about the art you put on your walls? Tell me about it…

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