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our-homeschool-room-1Phew! I am so tired. And sore too. Just look at my homeschool room and you’ll see why.

We’ve been in our new home a week and I’m slowly getting things in order.

One main thing on my agenda is putting together a new Homeschool/Craft Room.

I’ve been loving the all white homeschool rooms outfitted with all Ikea so I’ve been planning to something rather similar once we moved to our new home.

What rooms am I talking about?…

Confessions of a Homeschooler

Cute well organized homeschool room

Living out His Love

I know, I know. Not another white Ikea homeschool room. Yeah it is. Sorry can’t help it. They look so nice and functional. All that white seems to call to me in learning mode sort of way.

There’s all kinds of reasons and I think the reason we see so many is because the system works. It gets tweaked now and then but the formula works.

We never had the space to do such a room and were quickly growing out of our old one. As soon as I saw the room in this home I knew what I was going to do with it. I’ll look for ways to personalize it and make it different but don’t count on it.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and I intend to flatter.

All the reasons I like this plan.

#1 – Price. Altogether my furniture for new bookshelves (hubby took old ones for his office), 2 desks with drawer systems, reading bench, rug protector, corner computer table came to $500 and change. I had a good year to plan, save, and prepare for this.

#2 – I also do some wholesale work and the work table in the middle is ideal for my work when not being used for school.

#3 – The white fiberboard is easy to clean and I can see if it truly is clean before doing my wholesale work on it.

#4 – We needed new furniture. I had gotten into the (bad) habit of buying new homeschool furniture as the Sweet Peanut grew but it’s time to level that off. I’m hoping this will be with us as long…okay a long time as we live in this new home.

We saved and planned and all the boxes you see in the room are the pieces of furniture I need to pull together.

I splurged this shopping trip time and bought Ikea’s new hand drill to make things go quicker. I already had a drill but it was much more involved and made me plan ahead to have it charged. This little quick one has made putting things together much easier.

So far, you can’t really tell in the pictures, I have the corner desk put together. I don’t think I realized how big that thing was. That’s where the computer, which decided to have major problems that could result in it’s untimely death the day before we moved, will go. Kind of like a media center although I will have two because the dvd/vcr combo is going at the complete opposite end of the room.our-homeschool-room-2

Next up will be the craft/work tables in the middle of the room. These are all the Limon series at Ikea.

Then the big Kallax wall shelving unit and finally a smaller Kallax unit on it’s side which will be right under the window and turned into a reading bench.

I also wanted the white Jules Swivel chairs BUT THEY’RE BEING DISCONTINUED! Which bummed me out but Peanut was ecstatic when she saw the red that were left so I’m thinking of some accents in the room with red. Such as the bench cushion.

The non-Ikea items in the room will be my sewing area which is an older, I guess vintage, sewing table, and then the other media corner with the screen mounted (I think). I won’t know until it’s all over so stay tuned. It should be together in a month.

How about your homeschool room? Leave me a link. I would love to see it.


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  1. Great plan! I love those white homeschool rooms I see on others’ blogs too, but at this point have given up on the idea. We no longer have a separate schoolroom – it was turned into a bedroom a number of years ago. So we do school at the dining room table, and at the desks in our bedrooms.

    I’m looking forward to a picture of your schoolroom when it’s all put together!

    1. Thanks Kym! I love the idea of school at the dining table. My husband has been using ours as a desk for so long I’ve given up trying to keep it clean unless we have guests coming. When I was a little girl I used to dream of a desk in my bedroom. I think that’s a special personal space to have as a child. Would love to see your set up.

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