Bathroom Cleaning 101

victorian bathroom cleaning 101

Everyone hates cleaning the bathroom.

Well most people do.

The bathroom is a room that gets dirty fast and it gets dirty every day. Everyone has to use the bathroom. There is no way to get around it.

The keys to cleaning the bathroom are having the right tools. Not thinking too much about it. And cleaning the bathroom often enough that it becomes like second nature.

So let's buck up and put some gloves on (or not) and I will walk you through getting out of this room with a gleaming floor, shower, toilet, and sink in your wake.

1. Bathroom Cleaning Tools: Make sure you have the right tools.

  • You need disinfectant for this is the bathroom.
  • You need soap scum remover. For the tub and sink.
  • You will need window cleaner for the mirrors. And some Terry cloth rags. You can now order them in bunches from several places.
  • Microfiber cloths are another option and very good to have around. You can clean some things with just water and they don't leave lint behind (don't use fabric softener when washing these).
  • You'll need an old toothbrush…no 2.
  • Your chosen brush for the toilet and a sponge…or two.
  • Put all this in a bathroom or cleaning tool caddy. You can actually get these at the dollar store. It makes it easy to tote all of your goods.

2. Declutter. Remove all items off of the bathroom shelves, counters, and floor. Laundry goes to laundry room, trash to the trash. Items that will need to go back where they belong are set aside in the hallway or a box you have just for this purpose. In the future you can coral items in cute basketson the bathroom counter for a tidy fresh look.

3. Start cleaning at the shower or tub first. It usually has soap scum buildup and I like my cleaner to set a bit. Make your cleaners do the work so you are not scrubbing the life out of yourself. I spray my cleaner all over the tub and scrub it in lightly with a damp sponge. Now move on.

4. Now I start from the top of the bathroom. I was taught this by a professional janitorial person. Mirrors first. Spray them with your window cleaner and use a microfiber (or your choice) cloth to wipe them dry. Up, down, side to side. Don't wipe in circles, you will just be redoing what you just did. And that is a wasted effort. Get the bottom edge where your mirror meets the wall or counter, whatever it is attached to where lint and dirt might congregate.

5. Spray some soap scum remover in your sink (when I say this you can use any number of products that remove soap scum. I just mean chosen cleanser). Use a damp sponge to wipe it around and let it sit a minute. You are letting your cleaners do the work.

6. Go back to the bathtub or shower because now it's time to rinse the cleanser out of the tub. Use a plastic bowl for rinsing. I have and old coolwhip bowl (I happen to like cool whip) that I use. Fill it with water and use it to rinse off the cleanser. Scrub up any spots that the cleaner did not get.

If you have buildup around the faucets of your tub use one of the old toothbrushes to scrub at it. The first time you do it you will need to work at it a bit but as time passes on you will only need to do this every few times not every time you clean your tub.

Now spray your window cleaner on the faucets (if they are chrome). Make sure the label says it will not harm them. And wipe it off with a cloth. This shines them up. If you're unsure of your cleaner just wipe at them with a damp cloth. There are some acid-free cleaners on the market just for cleaning bathroom chrome. At this point some wipe the tub dry. I leave it. It's just going to get wet again.

7. Back to the sink area. The same as cleaning the tub, rinse the cleanser out of the sink bowl. Spray, scrub with a toothbrush around the edges, and wipe up the sink chrome area.

8. Since your bathroom counters are cleared off it's just a matter of using your favorite counter cleaner, I've had to use a heavy duty one lately because of the numerous hair products I've got a hankering for. Spray your cleaner on your counter tops and using a back to front or side to side wiping motion dry off the cleaner. Wiping in circles just repeats the work you've just done.

9. Okay now comes the yicky part. The part you probably want gloves for.

Scrubbing your toilet.

You probably have a way you already do this so I will tell you my way and you can try it or keep at your own. We are working on scrubbing out the toilet bowl.

I have a toilet brush that is plunged (ever so carefully so as not to cause an avalanche of toilet water) into the toilet bowl hole until the water starts to go down.

Now more of the bowl is exposed and I apply my toilet bowl cleaner and use the brush to scrub. I set these aside in their (own) caddy and move on to the rest of the toilet.

Taking my bathroom disinfectant I spray all over the outside, on the seats, and under each lid of the toilet. Taking a fresh rag I wipe it all off starting from the top and ending on the bottom at the floor. I wipe all around the toilet with the now damp rag.

10. The bathroom floor is your last job.

Some use a damp rag and spray cleaner and on their hands and knees wipe from the far end of the bathroom all the way to the door.

I use a microfiber mop.

First I use a used dryer sheet to get up all the lint and hair. I don't know why but the bathroom attracts more dirt and dust than any room in the house. Then I go over the floor with a mop head that I soaked in a little diluted disinfectant (the bathroom you know). I end at the door and walk out to let things dry.

The end! Happy Cleaning!

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