Breakfast Ideas for the busy School Year


  • 1) If you like the thought of hot pancakes or waffles for breakfast but don’t want to resort to the pre-made ones in the grocery store and just don’t have the time to bake up a new batch each time you have the hankering try making them in advance and freezing them. You can do this anytime you have some free time. Make up a batch of pancakes, allow them to cool and then place wax paper between them to separate them. This also keeps them from freezing together and allows you to pull out one or more at a time to heat up in your appliance of choice (mine is the oven). Place the whole wax papered batch in a freezer bag and put in the freezer.
  • 2) Pre-made muffins are also a great idea. Make up your favorite breakfast muffins, fruit, whole grain, or what have you. After removing from the oven and allowing them to cool wrap them individually in wax paper and place in a a freezer bag or container. To heat up I place in foil and in the oven while we get dressed and ready for the day. Ready when you are! yum!
  • 3) Pre-made breakfast sausage sandwiches. Don’t you just love those breakfast sandwiches from fast food restaurants? They are sooo good ! But sooo loaded with fat which is bad for you !  I’ve solved that problem.  A few years ago I started making my own. Very easy and the family loves them.  Mix up some ground turkey with your favorite seasonings (thyme, sage, even maple syprup). Bake in little patties in the oven, cool, wrap and freeze. Make your favorite biscuit recipe and bake those also. You can store these in the refrigerator. Wrap and store in a freezer bag. If you make a ton freeze some by double wrapping in plastic wrap and then a freezer bag so they don’t go bad. In the morning combine a patty and a cut biscuit, wrap in foil and set in the oven to heat up while you get ready for the day. You can add extras like some scrambled eggs or a slice of your favorite cheese. I usually leave it at just the meat and add some cut fruit on the side.
  • 4)Yogurt smoothies are another fabulous breakfast dish. I make mine extremely simple. Yogurt, frozen berries, and honey. That’s it. Place in the blender and give ‘er a whirl. For a bit more substance toss in some banana. They can be made the night before and you shake them up a bit in the morning.
  • 5) Don’t knock a bowl of cold cereal. Just make sure you’re choosing a cereal with not a lot of sugar and some healthy ingredients. Add some fruit and milk and it is sufficient for you and your child for breakfast.

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