How to Build a Basic Cleaning Kit for your Home

A basic cleaning kit


Being efficient goes a long way in helping you speed through your cleaning.

There are just a few essentials you should have to complete your cleaning kit. My recent discovery of Murchison-Hume has me on a new path. There are still some stronger cleaning products I like to have on hand but for regular (non-asthma inducing) cleaning Murchison-Hume is a great find!

Cleaning Caddy – This is the basic item to hold all of your cleaning products. Watch any janitor or maid working and you see they have a cleaning caddy or cart holding all of their products. Makes it easier to not only move around the room but move from room to room.

All Purpose Cleaner – This is a general cleaner for things like countertops, walls, and such.

Cleanser – For the times you need something abrasive. I use a liquid abrasive aka cream sometimes in the sinks and/or tubs.

Disinfectant – Mainly for the bathroom. This would be use to clean the outside areas of the toilet, sink, and tub. I also clean my bathroom countertops with this.

Glass and Window Cleaner – To clean your windows, appliances, and mirrors. Glass doors count too.

Mop Microfiber is my choice) – My mop actually has several removable heads. It has dust mop, microfiber scrubbing head, microfiber dry mop, regular loop mop.

Duster – Those disposable microfiber dusters are great. My toddler loves to help me dust with those. I also have a dusting cloth that I treat with a little lemon oil every now and then.

Broom with dust pan – An angled broom gets the floor good. I admit I have several brooms and I bought a mini one so my toddler could help. A dust pan with a handle as long as your broom so you are not stooping is a nice idea. Give it a thought.

Rubber Gloves – Your hands will love you. I didn't use gloves when I cleaned for years and now I'm paying for it. Protect your hands from the cleaners. Use gloves. My hands were so dry they were peeling. I now have so much lotion in our home…well that's another story.

Toilet Brush with it's own caddy – We like to keep this thing separate from all of our other cleaners. It's an area that has to be cleaned so might as well make it feel special. Give it it's own special little holder.

Toothbrush – When you replace your toothbrush just hang on to the old one and use it for getting around the sink faucets and other hard to reach areas. I have a separate one for the toilet. Kept separately too (with the brush caddy is a good idea).

Bucket – I actually do my mopping out of the bathroom sink (and then disinfect it) because I can be lazy by the time I get to the floor and then I only make one pass so the dirt from the floor never sees the sink. This is for that daily…okay weekly moping I do. But when the grunge really just seems too much especially on the kitchen floor I pull out a bucket or two and really get in there.

Vacuum – I did my research and opted for a bagged vacuum. I use a HEPA filter. I also have a smaller handheld one for small jobs.

Microfiber Cloths
Microfiber cleaning cloths are great. They have a little scrubbing action so many times, unless you need to remove grease or disinfect, you don't need cleaners you can just use water. Some tips to keep in mind. Don't wash them with bleach and don't use fabric softener on them. I have used several different brands but recently bought this 50 pack after altering my cleaning habits a bit. I use several cloths and once I've used all the sides I toss them in the middle of the floor to clean later.

Terry cloth towels – I also like my terry cloths for general all around cleaning. Mopping up after cats, wiping down a wall. When I need to use a bleach product or I just want a good old fashioned terry towel I go for these.

Apron: I just added this as of late because I've been thinking of adding one to my kit. Not just any old apron mind you. A half apron that has pockets for hanging bottles and rags. This is not necessary for your kit but I wanted to put it out there in case it strikes you as a good idea. I think it is. The caddy can only go so far.

You may find yourself adding to this list and that's okay. Everyone's home and needs are different. This basic list will give you a head start and generate some ideas on knowing what you need to tackle the grit and grime in your home.

Extra Credit Cleaning Tools that Make the Job Easier

  • Hand Held Steam Cleaner: If you've never used a hand held cleaner when cleaning then you're missing out. These amazing little machines can get in nooks and crannies you wouldn't even think of! Toilet hinges (ick), undercabinet mounted sinks (you know what I'm talking about), stains, cracks and crevices. High powered steam cleans without chemicals. I'm on my second one in 15 years.
  • Electric Air Blower Machine: Iv've had this baby for about 8 years now. My husband always tries to get it out of me for his work. It's lovely. If you buy canned air to clean your computer and whatever else. Stop now! Get an electric air blower instead. More cost effective and really works. I clean our fans, computers, any dusty area. It's great. I loaned it to a friend who was putting her house up for sale and she loved it. Can I say her home sold on day !? Love it!

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