Bundle #55: From Conception to Birth


Planning for that awesome time in your life called pregnancy? Pregnancy is an incredible journey, and the more you know the better. This week’s bundle includes practical tips for everything from pre-conception and the stages of pregnancy to birth and breastfeeding. And while you probably won’t be throwing your own baby shower, you’ll also find a complete baby shower plan to help your mom/sister/best friend throw a stress-free shower to celebrate your little one!

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Bundle #55: From Birth to Conception

Cleansing for Conception by Donielle Baker
Too often couples begin rigorous cleansing program before trying to conceive and they end up feeling sick and deprived. Their desire to prepare their bodies in the best way possible soon becomes a struggle. Many times it can cause more harm than good as problematic compounds and toxins start circulating again through the body, making them sicker than they were before, or disrupting reproductive function.In this book you’ll find a natural approach to cleansing that will help you prepare your body prior to pregnancy. Drawing from traditional wisdom, you’ll learn what foods are best to avoid during a cleanse, what herbs and treatment are beneficial, and simple strategies that you can implement into your current lifestyle to help you cleanse gently so as not to cause the body excess stress.

A Weekly Guide to Your Pregnancy by Angela England
What changes should a woman expect during her pregnancy? How does the baby grow each week? This pregnancy development ebook will answer all those questions, and more. Not only does A Weekly Guide to Pregnancy cover each week’s changes for both mother and baby, but the book also includes some bonus material including morning sickness, easing back pain, and other pregnancy complaints. Over 60 pages of week-by-week information at your fingertips.

Natural Birth Stories by Shannon Brown
In Natural Birth Stories, Shannon has compiled more than 30 positive natural birth stories to inspire and empower you as you prepare to give birth. In addition, you’ll find practical wisdom from real moms on taking charge of your birth story.

You will learn how to:

▪ Stay healthy and low risk throughout your pregnancy and natural birth.
▪ Feel confident to make natural decisions for your birth, postpartum, and newborn care.
▪ Ditch the drugs and experience a successful natural childbirth.
▪ Discover the number one natural birth tip for success from real natural birthing moms…and what they’d do differently if they had it to do over again plus how to deal with unexpected situations and complications and the 5 most effective pain relief techniques for natural birth!

50 Things to Know about Breastfeeding by Taylor Ford
In 50 Things to Know about Breastfeeding, Taylor offers a refreshing approach to obtaining information about breastfeeding your child. Most books on parenting provide you with only limited tips and advice on breastfeeding. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, if you want a comprehensive, quick guide to breastfeeding, this is the book for you. Based on knowledge from the world’s leading experts such as Dr. Sears, Ina Mays Gaskin, and other professionals, this book will soon be your go-to resource.

In these pages you’ll discover the many benefits the breastfeeding has to offer, for both you and your baby, as well as the ins and outs of nursing. This book will help you get the most out of your new relationship with your baby.

Stress-Free Baby Shower by Sara Shay
While the decorations may be amazing and the food wonderful and the games fun, these things will only be remembered momentarily. But a party — perhaps skimping on the extras — that has a fun, stress-free, and relaxed atmosphere where the guests feel like they want to stay and chat long past the ending time, will be a cherished memory, for the guests and mommy-to-be. So don’t stress the small stuff. Make sure you have fun yourself!

In Stress-Free Baby Shower, Sara offers:

▪ A complete baby shower plan for you
▪ Helpful suggestions for a stress-free party
▪ Over 15 game ideas and ready-to-print worksheets
▪ Green and repurposing decor and gift ideas
▪ Traditional and real food recipes with printable recipe cards
▪ Over 20 4″x6″ ready-to-print baby and children quotes
▪ All the Mother Goose rhymes included in the games
▪ Unique gift ideas for the Mommy-to-be

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