5 Days of Homekeeping Skills for Girls and Boys – Can Cleaning Your Room Help You Later in Life?

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Do you get frustrated telling your child to go clean their room? Do you often times want to give up and just clean it yourself?

Well don’t!

Assigning chores to your kids is a great way to teach them the value of work and belonging to a family (we already covered that).
Starting chores is a good way to prepare your children for life.  It gives them a sense of purpose and accomplishment, shows the importance of working together as a family, and teaches them that work can be rewarding.

One of the best chores to assign children (for peace of mind and family unity) is the cleaning of the bedroom.

There are so many aspects to care for in that unruly personal space that will help you kiddos when they are out on their own.

  1. Clothing care: Help your child keep their clothes organized by having a place for dirty clothes (hamper) and clean clothes.  Teach them how to fold their clothes and that there is a special place for each type of clothing (dress and jackets on hangers). Sweaters folded not hung. Pants in the drawer. Socks and underwear in their own special place.
  2. Bed making: Get your child into the regular habit of making their bed each morning and teach them to strip their bed on bed linen wash day and how to make it again with clean sheets.
  3. Organizing: Teach your child how to organize their toys and books on shelves. Show them how buckets and bins can keep things tidy and organized.
  4. Regular Cleaning: With your child’s input pick a day each week when general bedroom cleaning will be done. Set an amount of time and give them a chart with things to be done. Shelves dusted. Clothes put away. Toys picked up. Bed made.

Here’s some help for your child’s room


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    1. Yes! Good for you. I have to stop myself from cleaning my daughter’s room. Her father has given her Thursdays to clean it. She thinks that means making little piles all over the floor. I think she’s working out her own organization system. Sigh!

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