Cleaning Screens and Doors and Why It’s Important

Spring Cleaning has come and gone but I still find that things like cleaning screens and doors is never ending. And it's important too.

Gardening, outdoor activities, and just general summer living has leaves muddy hand prints, grass and who know what else (bug guts) embedded on the exterior of your home. Ick!

Winter rain, snow, and windy weather can toss all matter of mess on your doors and screens too.

Blessedly this isn't something that needs doing weekly or even monthly but cleaning your screens and doors hopefully can be done twice a year.

Your front door to your home is like your smile to your face (okay I made that up… I think) you want to put your best face forward.

A clean door tells guests and even passers by that the homeowner (or yes renter) cares about their place.

So how does one go about cleaning screens and doors quickly and easily because puh-lease there is life to be lived and I don’t want to spend it scrubbing up after each family outing.

Cleaning Steps for Your Doors

Front door: I would love to leave the doors as-is but when we do have guests coming and I would like for them to be comfortable knocking on our front door instead of cringing and says “Oh! I would rather not touch that!” So I start off with removing loose debris with a scrub brush. Then I mix up a very very mild solution of some a couple of drops of dish washing liquid and a bucket full of warm water. I sponge down the front door, rinse it off with the hose and dry off with a clean cloth. Voila!

Sliding Screen Door: Have you looked closely at your screen door lately? Ours is in our dining room so I get a good look every time I pass into the kitchen. My daughter would love to rub her muddy hands over the screen door after coming in from the garden. I would get an “I’m sorry mommy.” But she did it anyway. So the quickest way for me to keep up with that screen door is to hose it down with a jet spray selection on the garden hose. Many times it might need a little more. Use some all purpose cleaner and a bucket full of warm water with a scrub brush to go over the screen gently removing debris. Then rinse off with the garden hose.

Sliding Door: First I vacuum the tracks and then re-lubricate them with a silicone based lubricant. Don’t use a lot.  Now it’s better to clean your glass on an overcast day. Why this reduces streaks I don’t know but it does so keep that in mind. Vinegar and water is a nice natural solution that works (there is a secret tip of adding a little cornstarch to this solution but I have never tried it). Spray the door and then either squeegee off, wipe dry with my microfiber mop, or use newspaper to dry the windows.

Alert: Now do be careful and know your finishes before cleaning up. I don't want you to strip anything or damage your windows and doors. Read up on your particular materials.

Enjoy your nice, newly cleaned exterior.

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