Cleaning Up After Thanksgiving

The table cluttered with dirty plates, glasses, and napkins.


All the kitchen countertops cluttered with big dirty pots and pans. You know the v-rack and casserole dishes.

Living room sofa pillows tossed hither and yon and goodness knows what the bathroom looks like. But that was last year!

This year things will be different because you are so organized!

Tabletop: Disposable dishes for a high cook day such as Thanksgiving is ideal but not necessarily the prettiest. If you opt for the traditional glass, ceramic, china invest at the dollar store in a plastic tub. This should be large and deep enough to hold a few layers of plats and some cutlery and glasses. You can use your investment later to soak fine washables but this Thanksgiving use it to take dirty dishes from table to sink. If the tub fits in the sink place it at the bottom and fill with hot soapy water. If not it still makes a great transport system.

Kitchen: You hear it time and again, wash as you go, but it’s true. Your plan of attack here it to keep on top of things. Wash up your cooking dishes as you’re finished with them. Have an empty dishwasher or dishrack ready to go when you start your cooking preparations. Fill it as you cook. If it gets full run it. Wipe down the counters as you finish with them. And wash those drip pans at the end of the day (dump them in the dishwasher or a sink of hot soapy water).

Bathroom: Seriously it’s probably just as clean, looking, as before your first guest arrived. Unless some mishap happened in there just change out the hand towels. Wipe the mirror and sink, scrub the toil (okay wipe seats too) and you’ll be in tip-top shape.

Living room: You dusted, right?, before the festivities so all you have to do now is put all reading material back where it belongs. Fluff pillows. You’re done.


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