Do You Have a Family Calendar?

family calendar


A family calendar is a must have in today's busy world. It's the place to post due dates for bills, upcoming appointments, outings, seasonal happenings and more. It's the place where family members can find out what is going on with other family members and what occasions may be coming down the pike.


My family tends to stand poised in front of our family calendar several times a day. We note birthdays, dentist appointments, vacations and bills. It's conveniently located in the kitchen. A one stop hub for many families.


Many people find that more than one family calendar situated throughout the house is a good idea. We also keep on in the office to note homeschool schedules. We can plan school around vacations and holidays this way.



Here is how to use your family calendar…



As you open your daily mail post things such as bills, notices, and occasions to the calendar. If you do post bill due dates on your calendar cross them out as you pay them so you can know at a glance whether they've been paid.

Post your calendar in a place the family congregates often and can see it well. Somewhere in the kitchen is a very good choice. We post ours on the door of the pantry.  The refrigerator, pantry door, or a wall above a kitchen desk are all good choices.



So go pick up or order your family calendar. Update your calendar as soon as you get it. Post dates you know in advance such as birthday, school holidays, and dentist appointments.

Get some simple stickers to notate things like birthdays, doctor and dentist appointments, and holidays. Colorful images will draw your eyes to due dates and what is coming up.

Things to put on your family calendar…


  • All appointments
  • Bills Due
  • Birthdays and Celebrations. Immediate family, friends, and extended family.
  • School events
  • Any other special things of note that are coming up.

A big calendar like this is a nice touch for any family. It’s a great teaching tool for our 2nd grader and it’s an easy place for my husband to see what’s coming up if I don’t happen to be around. Sometimes they turn out so nice it’s hard to toss them at the end of the year.



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