Dollar Stretcher Frugal Ebooks

Eight Frugal Homemaking books from the Dollar Stretcher. Covering all aspects of your homelife. From Cooking, to Car, from children, to finances.The best that Dollar Stretcher has to offer at one low price $19.95






money_mediumThe Dollar Stretcher is an online resource with tips from all over to help you save money on every nook and cranny in your life. Now they have put together hundreds of frugal homemaking tips from their readers into Eight digital ebooks that have organized those tips depending upon which are you want to save money in


When you know what areas you can be frugal in then making mends meet can be much less of a hasslbe. Learn tips to cut back on everything from feeding your family to taking care of your car. There’s even a miscellaneous edition for those areas not covered in the other 7 books.



8 digital ebooks full of Frugal tips from the Hub of being frugal online the Dollar Stretcher for only $19.95. 


All About Money is full of tips on getting the most for your money, saving your money and being a better steward of your money






In Family Savings you’ll find frugal ways to have fun with your family. Don’t let lack of finances keep you from making the most of being together.







Fabulous Food doesn’t have to break the bank. In most households the grocery bill is one of the larget bills we have. Find ways to cut on your grocery bill but still eat great.







 Frugal Home is all about taking care of the home but doing it for less. Pest control, organizing, cleaning for less, and more.







Holidays and Special Occasions shows you ways to celebrate life’s special moments for less. Save money and have fun!







Health and Beauty. Sometimes what you need is right at home. Natural, frugal ways to maintain your health.







 All About Autos. We know how much car care can add up. Find frugal ways to keep your wheels running in top shape.







 Everything Else. Think it wasn’t covered in the previous seven ebooks? Well then you’ll find it here. Even more ways to save!







Get this whole Frugal Ebook Package for only $19.95 at the Dollar Stretcher

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