Eat at Home With Your Family Day


Hey everyone it’s Eat at Home With Your Family Day!

How often do you eat dinner at home with your family? Did you know that it’s one of the best times of the day to connect with your spouse and children? Find out what’s going on in their day?

We make it a point to sit down to dinner together EVERY night during the week. I know gasp! But I grew up this way and it’s what I’ve always known. My husband relishes in it. My daughter can’t wait until daddy gets home so we can all have dinner together.

Even years later when my parents were no longer together and I traipsed off on a cross country trip to stay with my father. I think I was a college sophomore then. But each night during the summer vacation daddy and I would have dinner together. We were actually not together much during the day as he was working and I had major shopping to do (NY) but each evening it was a family dinner that we took turns preparing.

That’s another thing. My mom started us early on helping to prepare said family meal and it also stuck.

So please Eat at Home with your Family. Make it a habit. Do it often. Share with others. Be creative in the kitchen. Enjoy and relish this time.

And eMeals wants to help you start.

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