Editing the Video and Audio Collection: Week 10 of 34 Weeks of Clean

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Organizing  the Music Collection

We’re already in Week 10 of 34 Weeks of Clean and if you have been following along you know that Michele has us cleaning out and editing out our CD and DVD collections. I’ve thrown in my VHS and tape collection because we’re old school and I have more of those than I do of CDs and DVDs!

I have two places where these things reside. In my living room are the audio tapes and CDs and in our homeschool/craft room are the DVDs and the VHS (yes that’s not a typ0).

In the living room I keep the CDs and tapes on a little organizer my mother bought for me when I was newly married. We’ve never filled the thing but it does get a little dusty. So the first thing I did was take everything off and dust!

Then I commenced to tidying up the tapes and organized things. We tend to play things and then just shove them back on the shelves without cleaning up after ourselves. Nasty habit.

Next I went to the craft room and just mildly tidied up. We had shelves put in this room on Wednesday so our collection sits nicely in some plastic bins on one of them.

My collection isn’t even large enough to warrant the alphabet dividers I made but if you’re in need of them you can find them here.

If you’ve been following along in 34 Weeks of Clean be sure and check in on Michele’s blog today.

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