Fall Cleaning for Your Home

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Fall is here. As the cold weather approaches it’s a great time to spruce up the home and usher in a warm cozy feeling.

Make your indoors more cozy and secure your outdoors to handle the winter season.

  • Have your heating system inspected in case of needed repairs and pick your filters to change out. Many people don’t change the filters often enough. They should be changed monthly.

  • Clean (or have cleaned) your roof gutters.

  • Remove or cover your window air conditioner.

  • Shut off the water supply to outside faucets or buy those cute outdoor faucet cover thingys to keep the faucets from freezing.

  • Is it time for a new door mat at the front door? This is where most of the dirt in our homes comes from. Get one that will remove as much of the outside dirt as possible from shoes.

  • Hose down and store that outdoor furniture and any kiddie outdoor play gear like plastic bikes or pools.

  • If you have a fireplace have the chimney cleaned and checked for cracks.

  • Have carpets cleaned or rent (or buy) a machine and clean them yourself.

  • Fall cleaning is a good time to review the pantry for warm weather staples such as dried beans, and stocks for soups.

  • Clean and store summer clothing. Pull out the winter clothing and check for moth holes (they do happen).

  • Change out the bedding for the cold weather bedding. Clean and store lighter summer sheets and bedspreads. Pull out those cozy blankets and comforters.

  • Clean your windows. Inside and outside. It may be a long time before you can clean the outside again.

  • Do your fall gardening chores such as weeding, laying down mulch, start your lasagna bed, cleaning pots to bring indoors and more.

Visit this link for a simple vintage list of Autumn cleaning details circa 1900's

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