Finding Your Home’s Daily Rhythm

The daily rhythm of our home is much the same with a few additions and alterations through the week. 

The early mornings in our home are quiet. Husband gets himself up and off to work long before the little one arises. We are still in a restful state here. Our late mornings are filled with breakfast and household cleaning. 

Late morning and early afternoon our home quiets down to homeschooling classes and laundry turnover.

Late afternoon we venture in the out of doors or to run errands. Our misses us during this time. 

Early evenings papa arrives home and we have dinner preparations and lots of activity in our home once again.

After we eat as a family and clean up it’s time to seek our hobbies and family activities. Piano playing, games, and finally devotions at bedtime.

The home is quiet once again and mom sets in for a few hours of biz work.

This peak into our day is a peak into the rhythm of our home. It has changed over the years and even months to accommodate school and seasonal work schedules but we generally have a set pattern to our days.  

When you start to up daily schedules it is nice to know the flow of your daily life. Not necessarily the details but the ebb and flow of your home.

The early mornings are quiet, the mid mornings are a lot of hustle and bustle with cleaning and readying of things. The late mornings and early afternoons are quiet except with the humm of the schoolroom and the laundry room. And so forth.

I put all this to paper so as to know when is the best time to make and receive calls. Run errands. Work on a project. Focus on work. Have visitors or get a big cleaning job done.  

Knowing the daily rhythm of our home also lets me know the best time to, slip in my workout, practice the piano, wash my hair, and just have some me time.

The Rhythm of Your Home is just one of the many forms in the Management of Time Digital Planner.

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