Free Editable 2016 January Cleaning Calendar

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Happy New Year!


Okay I know I’m a bit early for that but it is just tomorrow and just in time I have your January 2016 Cleaning Calendar.

This Cleaning Calendar is a basic weekly cleaning routine for each day in the month. If you’ll notice on Thursdays this is where you will do some deep cleaning in a room in your home.

Now I’ve picked all the days to do what and what rooms to work in, but your home is unique and all these details may not line up with your schedules and routines. So the calendar is editable. You can cut and paste the cleaning details around to find the best fit for your home of follow my routine and see if that works for you! The choice is yours.

Go ahead and download your cleaning calendar when you click the cute button below or the calendar image above.

And if you’re looking for an eco cleaning kit that also has style pick up a home cleaning kit from Murchison-Hume.


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  1. I really need a cleaning calendar for the new year. It always work motivational for me to see the calendar showing me what I have to clean every day. Like this I feel really efficient when cleaning and I always have a clean house. I need to make cleaning and decluttering calendars for the kids too! Thanks for sharing!

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