Free Knife Skills eCourse Just for Kids!

Do you want more help in the kitchen?

Do you have children eager to help with the cooking but you’re afraid to let them do things like fruits and veggies because you’re not sure how to teach them safe cutting skills?

This was my story too.

My young daughter loves to cook and has actually been helping out in the kitchen since she was knee high. But having her help me with the slicing and dicing (the thing she wanted to do the most) made my teeth chatter and I’ve always held back here.

She would help me mix and measure. Stir and pat but when it came to cutting I would always shoo her away from the cutting board afraid that something could happen because I just didn’t know how to tell her how to cut safely. To be honest I wasn’t sure I was cutting safely!

A Knife Skills Course just for kids!

The past few months we’ve been taking a children’s cooking course from Katie Kimball at Kitchen Stewardship.

And for a very limited time she is offering up  Knife Skills Training portion of her curriculum for FREE!

A 3 Part video series teaching your children how to safely use a knife in the kitchen.

I’ve been impressed with the lessons and my daughter has new confidence in the kitchen. She’s able to help me more and more with each lesson and that’s a plus for her AND me!

Have your kids take Katie’s Knife Skills Training Free for a very limited time through this link.


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