Fresh Smelling Laundry – #GrabGreen, Review and Giveaway from #momsmeet {CLOSED}


What is Spring Cleaning without sweet smelling laundry?

I was super eager to review and give Grab Green laundry and cleaning products  a try in my home.

Green Moms Meet invited me to review Grab Green and generously give away a kit (scroll to the bottom) just like the one I received. I knew you guys would be happy that I jumped at the chance.



Some Details About Grab Green


Here are some of the facts about Grab Green

Grab Green products are healthier, non-toxic, and safer than leading brands, but they’re also effective and scientifically proven to perform.
Grab Green products are sold in reduced recyclable packaging and convenient, cute little pre-measured packs (one of my favorite features). And they are also suitable for all water temperatures and cycles which is great for cold water washing.
Grab Green does not use animal testing, and all of their products are made without dyes, glycols, phosphates, 1,4-dioxane, chlorine, DEA, formaldehyde, caustics, or optical brighteners.
Grab Green products are also come fragrance free (perfect for those with allergies)
and lovely fragrance blends that are handcrafted from essential oils.
•The Grab Green 3 in 1 Laundry Detergent Pods are pre-measured concentrated powder pods. The detergent is naturally derived and gentler on your skin and the environment while providing multiple benefits to your laundry, including deep cleaning, stain removal, and brighter whites and colors.
•Free from harsh chemicals, Grab Green Bleach Alternative Pods are laundry boosters and pre-treaters that help make colors brighter and whites whiter while removing stains and neutralizing odors. (Pro Tip: They may also be used to clean grout and remove carpet stains!)
Grab Green Automatic Dishwashing Detergent Pods cut through grime, remove grease, and leave dishes sparkling clean all while being free of dyes, chlorine, and phosphates.
Grab Green Garbage Disposal Freshener & Cleaner  works to remove odors, prevent clogging, and loosen grime. Free of phosphates, chlorine, and dyes, these power-packed freshening pods are the healthier, safer way to keep your disposal clean and fresh.
•You can purchase a 24-pack of the 3 in 1 Laundry Detergent Pods regular price for $8, a 24-pack of the Bleach Alternative Pods retails for $7, a 24-pack of the Automatic Dishwashing Detergent Pods retails for $8, and a 12-pack of the Garbage Disposal Freshener & Cleaner retails for $4.50. But check for deals and coupons such as….

Shop at Target to save 10% on Grab Green, but hurry offer expires 4/23 (no coupon code required).

Want to save another 50%? If you email a copy of your Target receipt to they will send you a 50% coupon to be used on

How I Used These Products


I’m super lazy about laundry. In fact I don’t really like it that much so having these cute little pre-measured pods ready to toss in my machine at least makes one portion of this chore that much better.

My laundry pods I used just like I would regular laundry. What amazed me was the wonderful smell from the Gardenia scented pods. I washed our bed sheets with them and laid down to a (very light) sweet scent. It’s been a wonderful way to sleep.

So I’ve been washing everything with the Gardenia Scented Laundry Pods. The poor unscented ones aren’t getting any play but they probably will once gardening season is in full mode. I don’t like the bees to think I’m a flower you know.

The Bleach Alternative pods I’ve been adding to the wash when I do whites. I “think” they look nice and white. This product also has a Pro-Tip that it can be used to clean grout! I did attempt that and my grout still looks awful. (I think I need to redo it and I’ve been checking out youtube for that so that will be another blog post.)

The Garbage Disposal Freshener & Cleaner is a nice touch at the end of a busy cooking day.  A simple drop down the drain and your kitchen smells fresh and clean again.


How Did I like the Grab Green Products?

The scents that Grab Green uses are really nice. The products seem to work well and I like that they are non-toxic and don’t leave me gasping for air (Okay my laundry soap doesn’t usually do that but I’m just thinking cleaning in general.).

I use the unscented packs and the bleach alternative on my whites. They seem really white but then I have to dig up something really dingy to check it out fully.

I find myself reaching for the Grab Green items more even when I have other brands nearby. I want to place a big order pretty soon and also give the pot cleaner a try. My laundry smells amazing! I usually use another brand but the convenience and non-toxicness of Grab Green is really nice. I’ve been wanting to switch out my normally toxic items but got tired of DIYing. Finding green products that do the job AND smell good is wonderful.

And now that they’re local at Target (haven’t actually been by to check yet) that will make it more convenient.

More Good Stuff from Grab Green

You’ve already seen the savings but here they are again.

Shop at Target to save 10% on Grab Green, but hurry offer expires 4/23 (no coupon code required).

Want to save another 50%? If you email a copy of your Target receipt to they will send you a 50% coupon to be used on

Get a jump start on your Spring Cleaning with Grab Green’s 25 Quick & Easy Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms.


Now I’m sharing the love. One of my lucky readers will win an identical kit of what I  received from Grab Green (a $35 value).


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  1. I don’t mind doing laundry, either because I love the smell of clean clothes!
    Thank You for the chance

  2. My husband is the laundry champ. I don’t mind cooking or doing all the dishes if he will tackle the laundry.

  3. I don’t mind doing laundry. It just irritates me when someone else throws a load in but leaves it in the washing machine and it gets all stinky and musty.

  4. Laundry’s one of my favorite chores, but I hate having to lug things to the machines in the basement of our apartment building. It’d be nice to be able to grab a pod 🙂

  5. I do not mind doing laundry. I just hate folding it and it never fails as soon as I get the hamper empty usually my son will bring out his dirty clothes hoard and fill it up again

  6. For some reason I hate doing laundry and it’s really not hard. I would love it if someone came up with a machine that washed, dried and then folded it before dropping it into a waiting basket.

  7. Laundry always seems to pill up at our house. We alway use natural chemical free laundry detergent.

  8. Laundry is a fact of life. I would like to use more green products. I’ve added peroxide to whites with baking soda an d white vinegar.

  9. I actually don’t mind doing laundry, or even folding it, however, I hate putting away! Doing laundry is almost peaceful for me, since no one in my home wants to help, it’s the one chore that clears everybody away from me, so it’s pretty quiet when I do it!

  10. I don’t mind doing laundry, as long as it’s my own. I taught my kids to do their own laundry when they were still in elementary school, and that made life easier on me!

  11. I don’t mind doing laundry anymore as it is just me. The only thing I do not like is to match up the socks when I do my granddaughter’s laundry.

  12. I don’t mind doing the laundry it’s the folding and putting up part I don’t like. But I do love the fresh smell of clean clothes when I’m folding them.

  13. Laundry was never my favorite thing! Sometimes I like doing it, other times I don’t!! It all depends on my mood!

  14. Laundry is fine, it’s the folding afterwards that kills me! My kids have WAY too many clothes and i still can’t help picking up new pieces when I go out. lol

  15. I don’t mind doing laundry. One thing I love about spring & summer is being able to hang clothes outside on the clothesline. 🙂

  16. I don’t mind doing laundry. Folding it, however, is not my favorite! I do know that doing laundry feels a lot better when you know you’re getting your family’s clothes clean while staying green! I won’t ever use detergents or dryer sheets that contain harmful chemicals ever again. I want my family to be clean AND safe! 🙂

  17. I don’t mind doing it, it is the problem of remembering to change loads AND then folding which pretty much stinks.
    Who am I kidding.. I dislike it!

  18. I don’t mind doing laundry. I love the smell it sends through out the house. However I hate putting the clothes away.

  19. I don’t mind doing laundry. It’s one of those things I like to do to show my family that I love them. I like know that the products I use are cleaning our clothes thoroughly. Nothing is nicer than fresh, laundered sheets on my bed!

  20. I am right with you on this. I am super lazy with laundry as well and the products we use are so expensive and go so quickly. These sound awesome!

  21. I oddly like laundry less now that I have a washer and dryer in my apartment. It makes me feel more obligated to do it more often 🙂 But overall, it’s a not-bad task that I will do with other chores! These will help me enjoy it, that’s for sure!

  22. I like to do the laundry, makes everything smell nice, its the one chore i dont mind, dusting is another story!YUK!

  23. Considering I do 1 load Monday through Saturday and then an additional 5 load on Sunday, I am not the biggest fan of laundry. I just tend to feel like it never ends and I feel like I spend a fortune doing it.

  24. Washing and drying are the easiest parts; it is the folding and putting away of items that gives me pause. I use a detergent i diy, which i like. I also have other fragrance free brands to use.

  25. I actually LOVE doing laundry! It’s a job where you start with a mess, do a tiny bit of cleaning, then, ta-da! You’re finished and have a lovely clean batch of clothes to show for it!

    Plus, you can start your loads and do something else while the washer’s running. Another bonanza!

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